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Domain Tools

Here are some nice tools to help you research and manage your domain names.

Keyword Discovery is a pioneer of keyword software. KD can help you with a variety of keyword research tasks including keyword suggestions, typos, seasonal search trends, thesaurus search, search engine market share, keyword density, domain name research, and much more. The intelligent tools of KD allows you to save time and increase your revenue by efficiently researching relevant keywords.
Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR) is specially built for small businesses and individual bloggers who wish to develop their domain/site.The WHSR site consists of three different sections: 1) Find A Host - focuses on serving shoppers with trustworthy hosting reviews; 2) Tools offers free and easy-to-use web application to gather domain and web host information for any websites; and 3) Resources offers latest blogging and digital marketing tips.

Archive www.archive.org
BustaName www.bustaname.com
DN Sale Price www.dnsaleprice.com
DN Sales History www.dnsaleshistory.com
DNPric.es dnpric.es/
Domain Tower www.domaintower.com
Domain Whiz www.domainwhiz.net
DomainsBot www.domainsbot.com
DomainTools www.domaintools.com
DomComp.com www.domcomp.com
DomCop.com www.domcop.com
DropAlert www.dropalert.com
ExpiredDomains.net www.expireddomains.net
FreshDrop www.freshdrop.com
Generic Domain Finder www.genericdomainfinder.com
IP Neighborhood www.ipneighborhood.com
Name Metrics Ltd DomainNameStats.com
Name Metrics Ltd NameStat.org
Name Tumbler www.nametumbler.com
NameBot www.namebot.com
NameInvestors.com www.nameinvestors.com
NameStall www.namestall.com
Network-Tools www.network-tools.com
New TLD Stats www.ntldstats.com
Next Drop www.nextdrop.com
Panabee www.panabee.com
RegistrarStats.com www.registrarstats.com
Siter www.siter.com
Sold.Domains www.sold.domains
Web IP Address www.webipaddress.net
Whois.net www.whois.net/domain-seo-tools
Whoisology www.whoisology.com
ZFBot zfbot.com