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Domain Marketplace

The domain aftermarket is the secondary market where domain names are sold and purchased. The domain name investment market has grown tremendously over the past 10 years despite the Dot-com Bubble of the late 1990s. As the Internet continues to grow at rapid rates, so has the demand for premium TLDs (top-level domain names). Today, there are numerous marketplaces where a domain name can be bought or sold.

Above.com Marketplace is a unique domain marketplace and auction platform designed for domain name investors. Sellers can provide revenue and traffic stats for each domain, create custom listings of domain portfolios and much more. Charging a low 10% fee for successful sales, which includes a free escrow service.
DN.Properties offers a totally free auction site for Internet domain sales, which includes all top-level domains, ccTLDs, including all newly launched gTLD domains. Our site allows free listings, with upgrades available and only a 5% closing fee if you sell.
Tough Domains Manage, develop and list your domains for sales using our online domain software.
4.cn www.4.cn
Above.com www.above.com
ABrandName.com www.abrandname.com
Aftermarket.com www.aftermarket.com
AfterNic www.afternic.com
Alan Adlari www.alanadlari.com
Bido www.bido.com
Boost Names www.boostnames.com
BoxCar www.boxcar.com
Brand Bucket www.brandbucket.com
Brand Owls www.brandowls.com
Brandspire www.brandspire.com
Catchy www.catchy.com
Cax www.cax.com
CompanyName.com www.companyname.com
Devsa www.devsa.com
DN Pile www.dnpile.com
DNReserve www.dnreserve.com
Domain Graffiti www.domaingraffiti.com
Domain Market www.domainmarket.com
Domain Marketplace www.domainmarketplace.com.au
Domain Name Exchange www.dnx.com
Domain Pool www.domainpool.com
DomainersBay www.domainersbay.com
DomainNameSales www.domainnamesales.com
DotBuyer www.dotbuyer.com
Dotcom Agency www.dotcomagency.com
Dough Domains www.doughdomains.com
eNom www.enom.com
Excellent Domains (Canada) www.excellentdomains.ca
Expire.com www.expire.com
Fabulous Domains www.fabulousdomains.com
Flippa www.flippa.com
Gold Names www.goldnames.com
hatagroup sleepk.com
HDName www.hdname.com
Hunting Moon www.huntingmoon.com
Igloo www.igloo.com
Index Names indexnames.com
Name Perfection www.nameperfection.com
Namecheap www.namecheap.com
NameDream www.namedream.com
NameFinder www.namefinder.com
NameJet www.namejet.com
Namerific www.namerific.com
NameStrap www.namestrap.com
NetFleet www.netfleet.com.au
OY! Domains oydomains.com
Pool www.pool.com
Real Cost Domains www.realcostdomains.com
Sales.mx Sales.mx
Site Name Marketing www.sitenamemarketing.com
SnapNames www.snapnames.com
Solid Domains www.soliddomains.com
Strategy Domains www.strategydomains.com
The Domains Aftermarket www.thedomainsaftermarket.com
Your Main Domain Inc www.yourmaindomain.com