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Sometimes people buy domain names for investment purposes and do not intend to build a site on it right away. Domain parking allows someone to reserve a domain name as a placeholder until content for the site is ready, or if a 3rd party decides to buy it from them. Domain parking serves a couple of purposes - one, to serve as a landing page when someone visits, and two, to monetize the type-in traffic going to the domain name. Several companies offer domain parking services that display advertisements on a parked domain page and pays the domain owner a percentage of the advertising revenue.

FEATURED's free AutoPilot technology will increase your RPMs by making parking companies and premium direct advertisers compete in real-time for each domain visitor. No more analyzing stats and changing name servers hunting for higher RPMs. Instead, AutoPilot does all the work by automatically redirecting each visitor to the highest paying channel. AutoPilot also offers a free data consolidation service that pulls historical and daily stats from all your parking accounts into a single dashboard for easy viewing and analysis. Don't forget that's Registrar provides discounted registration and renewal rates, free privacy, and a StatsPowered Renewal ROI Decision-making tool. And its Marketplace provides domain sellers with a time-saving StatsPowered Buy Now Pricing tool plus a Verified Stats link to entice buyers.
ParkingCrew has low overhead costs, so it pays out a high percentage of revenue to domain owners. A major benefit of working with this company is that you can view your statistics, eliminating any doubt about whether you are being paid the right amount. The company also offers a number of templates to make it easier to earn money.
Rook Media has the distinction of being the leading domain parking company for 2012, as determined by's Domain Maximizer tool. The tool tests traffic with every parking company uses and determines which one helps domain owners make the most money. Rook serves nearly 70 visitors per second, creating a number of revenue-generation opportunities for domain owners.


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