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    Blocking Websense spiders

    Websense is filter software that is used by schools, companies etc to filter websites for their users, blocking audlt, gambling, social networks and whatever the sysadmin might want to hide.

    To do this, Websense maintains a big database of websites and classifies them. This means they have to visit these websites. But they don't like to be discovered too easily, so they ignore Robots.txt and vary the user agents. Still, you can quite easily spot them by their IP range.

    Normally they will only visit a site every now and then. However, I have some domains on my name server that used to have websites at third level addresses, like
    Websense does not really know which thrid levels do/did exist and which don't, so it just starts guessing. The result is a bombardment of thousands of domain requests within a few minutes, effectively almost a DDOS attack. This can go on fo hours.

    To avoid this, I am considering to block all Websense spiders. However, I am afraid that Websense then might blacklist all my sites, and it might cut in on my parking revenue for all the domains that run through this server as well.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

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    Just block those IP's for the sites they hammer rather than on all sites, or add rate limiting to your Apache server.
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    Thanks Drewbert, I'll look into that.

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    Most web pages contain content from multiple sources (ad servers, streaming video sites, social networking applications, image hosting services, and so on). Some sites aggregate content, pulling pieces from multiple sites into a single presentation.
    In these instances, users may request sites that contain a mix of permitted and blocked content.
    When a frame or iframe within a larger page contains blocked content, Websense software displays a standard or security block page within that frame. When the frame is small, however, the end user might be able to see only a tiny portion of the page (perhaps not even the full block icon), and not understand why the content is blocked.

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