I sourced and then "registered" a premium name Weather.id with OnlyDomains.com.

It is not real time so knew I had to wait for final registration.

Received confirmation from OnlyDomains.com that the process was ongoing and I needed to supply documents which I did by return.

Turns out that OnlyDomains.com is associated with Instra.com a very well known registrar so the docs were sent directly to them as requested.

Waited one day and then checked and the name was still not registered so I emailed to five different accounts that were related to OnlyDomains.comand Instra.com and asked what was happening.

About 2 hours later I checked and the name was now registered via Instra.com so felt quite comfortable and waited for it to hit my OnlyDomains.com account.

Today ,being the next day, I get an email saying that the name had been registered by a third party and they would credit or refund my registration fee.

Not so unusual perhaps? This was, the name was registered in the name and company of the very well known CEO Tony Lentino whose company,Instra.com, was supposed to be registering the name on my behalf,just a short time after I sent the email asking what was happening!

This occurred between the 26th and 29th of this month.

I asked both OnlyDomains.com & Instra to comment, I heard nothing from either.

There is more on my blog in my signature relating to the association between OnlyDomains.com-Tony Lentino and Instra Corp if you are interested.

If so I would appreciate your comments