Perhaps somebody could answer this. I did a google search for
"69 camaro for sale" with quotes. A host of shady spam links came up, I found out, after I clicked on one of the links. Then all the pop up virus software and installation crap started, active x video codex, object error, the usual phony stuff, and I had to kill the browser process to get out of it. Did the search again out of curiosity and it appears they have duplicated this feat on many different unrelated domains that dont belong to them. I noticed the string "is on a distinguished road" appeard on many of the cached pages, so I added that string in quotes, and 69 camaro after the quote, and got over 19000 google results. Checked a handful of the links with the same result, having to kill the browser. SO I checked many of the domains whois records, all unrelated owners, and apparent legitimate sites. Common denominator appears to be the servers and certificates, which appears to be maybe a reseller of ipowerweb hosting. This outfit is adding directories to unwitting clients domain hosting accounts to spam google with links that can lock up your browser and try to force you to download what may be nefarious files. Maybe up to 15000 domains are affected, based on my using domaintools stats. Keep in mind I used ONE string. Can somebody verify this and comment. I would personally like to expose the piece of crap that is doing this, perhaps to google, his customers, and ipowerweb, but I am not sure I am 100% right here. Try The string
"is on a distinguished road" 69, and you get over 3.6 million ggogle results. This could be the backbone of some big fraud, phish, spam, or other scam. Im 98 percent sure this is ipowerweb reseller accounts.