Need some help please since this is the first time we wvwe new about domaina hacking
first of all he was being hosted with hostcentric and was socially engineered by an ex partner of over 3 years ago (whom he had bought the domain from in 2002) .... This person rang hostcentric and because he could answer the verify question was able to get the hostcentric employee to move a locked domain from his sole authorised domain account into a new account of the hijacker ... who then had access to go in and change the ownership details (my partner was never ever notifiyed about the move or asked if it was ok)

The hijacker then sold the domain to a third party that had been pestering my partner to sell for a long time with very large offers $$ within about 48 hours and it again changed ownership and a new hosting company.... Hostcentric has refused to help at all and could only, ooo well they might of been moving it because you wanted them to work on it ( they never had the password or was made to enter the account or provide any documents of ownership) and refused to help get it back saying it is a ownership dispute

So far the domain name is still on the original registrar being tucows (SUCKS) but its been over a week of writing emails to them since they dont answer there phone to get them to help and stop the buyer from transfereing it from there. .... With no sleep and so much stress we just dont know how to get it back and really need some help here please.