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    Beware of Entering Into relationship With This Man

    Word of warning to those thinking of entering into a relationship with Ryan Colby and his Domain Academy Private Group... He makes a lot of promises in his course and doesnt deliver on them... Im of the opinion that he knows his industry well and would be the "go to man" if you wanted deep learnings. Only thing is he is a Domain Broker first and an Educator second. His Domain Brokerage business comes first and foremost and I feel there is nothing wrong with that. But! he doesnt state this up front to his students and will leave them high and dry if a deal is on offer.

    The cost of his course is $2500 (oh if you havent got the funds he will let you in on a 3 month payment plan and if you complain about his delivery or make any ripples in the water he will delete you from the group and state 'you didnt pay up front like the rest'). He has this long list of trainings he promises to deliver in a 30 day period. In the first 30 days I could cross off 5 items from his list that he delivered.

    In his sales speil he claims you will get 12 hours of one-on-one personal phone calls. He connected with me twice! in this period. He claims that we would get two group conference calls in class with the other students per week. I was at both of his group conference calls that were conducted in the 30 day period and was at the 3rd scheduled one waiting on the phone and he didnt turn up for the class. I Pmed him on Skype (he was showing Online) 5hr+ later he answered me with a threatening manner. I asked in our private class 'where is our leader' and got dumped for posting derogatory comments!

    He states that he is there for his students and that they can contact him or pm him at anytime and he will get back to you asap, and he did most of the time but generally his answer was 'let me get back to you on that"and a lot of the time he didnt get back I still have many questions that went unanswered. If his doing deals he wont even answer you !

    Having said that I must say I like the man I could envision a long happy relationship with him on a personal level, he's just such a likeable person. But !... I wouldn't enter into or make any deals with him!

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    Hmm, this seems to be your first post, and you are talking about bad reputations for a certain person, hmmm, did you really had a bad experience with him? anyway, thanks for sharing it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boysingh View Post
    Hmm, this seems to be your first post, and you are talking about bad reputations for a certain person, hmmm, did you really had a bad experience with him? anyway, thanks for sharing it here.
    Is just my experience that Im relaying...some other may comment in a positive form about this man. I dont want to trash him completely as I said in my post he's a nice enough man. In the end I had a very negative experience with him and just want to warn ppl about what may occur... I invested heavily with my time and money into him and his course and it was all for nothing. I asked for a refund and was refused as I considered I didnt get a return for my investments.

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    your story makes me want to be more adware when selling my domains online to third parties outsite of the official registar. I am still new (DomainState) but it seems trusted but you never know

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