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    Arrow јр.com – I was a victim!

    Taken from my blog.

    "You have seen the reported “sale” of јр.com for $1100
    On contacting the new owner it transpires, that as we had guessed, he did not realize it was an IDN and in his words “I am a victim”.

    Many of you will be aware that myself and others have been trying to get Sedo to take notice of these lookalike real English words that are in fact IDN this one “јр” being Serbo-Croat cyrillic.

    I have no doubt that these names were created solely to confuse and part the unwary newbie from their money.

    Currently the same Russian owner of јр.com (sorry ex owner) has these on Sedo, some had been on auction with the necessary one bid to get the name off and running.

    ѕео.com Created 11th Dec 2011
    аѕѕ.com Created 16th Nov 2011
    арр.com Created 16th Nov 2011
    есо.com Created 16th Nov 2011



    I hope nobody else has been caught out by this mutton purporting to be lamb!

    Now you may say that the “buyer” should have been aware? But IDN are very new to the majority of the community and as pointed out these names are created simply to take advantage of this and already at least one person has been taken in by it. I am in fact sure he is not the first and will most definitely be the last.

    Any chance the buyer could get recompense? Well Sedo will say we pointed out that the name(s) were IDN with a small logo to indicate that and on the auction page it refers to the punycode, a nice get out clause perhaps.

    But wait, this seller has had a number of these recently registered names make it to auction. That of course requires an opening bid. I am willing to bet that each of those opening bids were either from the same person or new members signing up with the sole purpose to make a bid.

    Yes, I am saying that I think that each of the names from this seller and similar names from other sellers currently on /or have been on Sedo auction are “shill bids”.

    Now if that is the case Sedo had been advised on many occasions by myself and others what was going on and had done nothing about it. Sedo should look back at these names in question, check out the first bidder in each case, do a little sleuthing and show some transparency and let the community know if there is anything untoward going on or that they are satisfied that their current due diligence meets requirements.

    If I was the buyer armed with this information I would be seeking legal advice at this point in time.

    What do you think?"

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    Another poor b about to get screwed by our Russian with help from Sedo.

    This gem registered 15th Feb 2012,could not possibly have been another shill bid to get it off and running-could it?
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