Hi Guys,

I have a quick question about creating a baseline with a client to show them their progress. This particular client in mind has 10,000+ backlinks (as identified within Google Webmaster Tools). BUT, they need to know what is it going to take to overcome the position right above them in the SERPS.

For example, they are ranking #4 for a keyword. They want to move up to #2 or #3 realistically, but how can I determine "what that will take?" In other words, I can not see what Google Webmaster tools says about their competitors' website.

So what Resource is a good baseline that we can all use to determine what that would be? ALEXA, COMPETE ?

Not all backlinks are obviously counted by ALEXA or COMPLETE because Google Webmaster says they have xx,xxx links and ALEXA says 1,800.

Regardless, when I configure a backlink campaign for them, what is the actual moving indicator that I can monitor to see that progress is being made and we will overtake #3 position at the current rate?