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    Oct 2016

    Post The reason your Google Adsense account disabled!

    The reason your Google Adsense account disabled 100% is due to the self-employed you, and you voluntarily give their Google Adsense account to the death, by buying traffic, advertising boom facebook money, put ads report arrested one must click on the website .... new

    ear-drilling-Google-Adsense-bi-vo-hieu-hoa.PNG Letter to notify Google Adsense account disabled

    Myself as well as the Google Adsense senior players over 3 years, I can do as you are now doing, but your account is not locked, "pandemic" several times but still conscious and active butter up until this moment.

    First to mention the source of traffic to your website flock, who, too, managing their Google Adsense array also "somewhat want" like to have an excuse to report to his boss that they are managing the array very good, user interaction on both, but should be at a moderate level, acceptable, while excessive manipulation you are forcing them to lock your account to protect our customers, as well as the current main source of income now Google (AdWords advertisers).

    Everything you do today will be available from Google, such as browser, search engine, gmail, account analytics, Google Adsense.vv ... everything is "home-grown" because Therefore the investigation details the account a sport is not too difficult for them. This is why they refused to provide evidence of infringement on the grounds that you "protection feature our exclusive".

    Why do they need to say that? Because if they send the entire screenshots for you, you will know that if "light hand" still exist, from then on you so that manipulation, they will lose credibility in the eyes of advertisers Adwords ad when advertising other than money without customers.

    First of all I need to say to the amount of traffic pouring in. Your website content completely coppy, whether written write up is also perfunctory, a certain number of articles, you need not pay much attention to the content, interested readers or optimal how to prepare articles seo, keyword-friendly and up top, but you only interested in advertising, rather in the heart always thinking about how to be able to "steal" money from Google quickly pallet. And at this stage you start to manipulate in any way the amount of traffic pouring deluge.

    A new web page or website is also equally perennial, today the site you drag on for 50 thousand views, you stopped tomorrow, the day after tomorrow you pull 30 thousand, in other words the last time your traffic is not a principle at all sequences, today have money to buy, no money tomorrow we fast to "chicken hungry".

    This causes major problems for Google they have an aversion to you, is not that what a web site that has a large amount of traffic too, besides access observance steal time, sometimes 12 pm, but there are thousands of visitors or 3am to have hundreds of visitors, they in there to do? Not do anything, sit a few minutes and out.

    Next to the clicks, few young generals zdo buffalo sauce was pounding on the web to advertise the huge bopup in front of them, forcing them to click on the web that's been, in part they will always find source others do not care about what you have in there, other parts if they need most, they also at one time, the next time they use the tool to block ads, your ads as meaningless.

    Google Adsense they can fully assess the basis for what is purchased traffic sources, where the source of coercion and from there click your account band permanently, for the more severe your domain to go always. This is the reason your Google Adsense account is disabled, but you should learn from experience
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    Nov 2016
    Once disabled no one could ever use his own google adsense account. That's the bad news..

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    Oct 2016

    Post Google adwords, google GDN - GOOGLE PARTNER ACCOUNT !!!

    We have google accounts:
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    Run video ads through channel google ??
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    You meet account problems or need technical supports but you don't know who or how to contact with ?
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    Feb 2017
    Remember to read Google Adsense's terms and conditions. Also remember to provide the relevant pages, such as Privacy Policy page, Contact page, Terms of Service page etc.

    This will increase your chances of holding onto your account.

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    Nov 2016
    Athens, Greece

    Get Unique Domain Name | EASY

    First of all read and understand all the terms carefully and always use unique address. In the end I would like to say that if you really want to use Google Adsense and want to be sure that your account never get disabled, just always follow the rules provided by Google.
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