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    Aug 2003

    SEO a few names or how should i do?

    I own clap .com that im going to develop into a social networking site (blog, forum...)

    Then i bought
    musicblog .info
    musicforum .info
    musicposters .info

    What is the best way to seo theese names, can i just have an index page with alot of info, then a link to clap .com.
    Would be nice to hear some thought about this

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    Aug 2009
    I've read that .info domains are not very valuable at google due spammers who buys info domains for seo rankings... So these link don't help to your very much, but is better than nothing of course.

    And remember that info must be unique content

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    Sep 2006
    Your time would be better spent concentrating on the development of, and making it good enough to attract links on its own.
    Building 1 page sites on those domains would be a waste of time IMO, and building substantial 'link-worthy' sites on those domains would be time better spent on
    If you need some quick links to get you off the ground, consider some of the paid directories.

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    - article submissions
    - blog commenting
    - classified ads
    - directory submissions
    - forum posting
    - link exchange
    - press release
    - online groups
    - social media and networking
    - social bookmarking
    this is google take care,you can do it according this ,but i think it is complex

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    Jul 2010

    SEO a few names or how shiuld i do ?

    Hi, firstly i suggest you that just concentrate on development, because as you Provide a good GUI[Graphical User Interface] you easily achieve your goal, and later you go for like,link building, article submissions, forum posting, blogging etc.

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    Dec 2010
    Search engine optimization is an important part of any internet marketing or search engine marketing you may plan to do. There are many ways to go about search engine optimization for your website, whether you do your search engine promotion on your own or hire a search engine optimization firm. Here are some of the things you should know going into your bid to increase your search engine marketing.


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    Aug 2011

    SEO a few names or how should i do?

    OK !
    So I read some of the articles from Controlled Vocabulary (very impressive depth of knowledge) about images and metadata (from a SEO) perspective and this is what I took away, please correct me if I'm wrong...

    The jury is still out if search engines actually read embedded metadata in images...
    Some platforms like PhotoShelter do extract embedded meta data and makes it readable as text = SEO advantage
    It's highly advisable to admetadata but maybe not froma SEO perspective.

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    Jun 2011
    article submissions
    forum posting
    press release
    social media and networking
    social bookmarking

    These are best seo option you can go for. where your site gets traffic and he rank of your site gets much better

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    Dec 2011

    back links :

    The best and foremost techniques are the blog commenting and the property submission.The links from these techniques are considered by Google on high basis and recognized by Google highly.

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    Jan 2012

    SEO a few names or how should i do?

    Zeus Thrones may sound great for a company selling high quality toilet seats, but itís not going to help potential online customers find your carefully crafted web site via the major search engines, since unless you have a large advertising budget for branding purposes your potential customers wonít know your business or your web site even exists.

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    Oct 2011
    Blogs Submissions
    Articles Submissions
    Comments on other and make a link there of you site.
    Do Book Marking
    Press Release

    These are some very useful for a SEO.

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    Oct 2014
    1st try to concentrate on design and development part then do seo.

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