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    Post How to protect Domain privacy ?

    Hi guys..
    Domain name is really like a business has contact details attach to that name. But sometimes details provided can also be viewed by hackers and spammers.

    what is best way or tips to protect domain privacy

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    Domain registrars offer a service called Whois Privacy or Whois Protection. Some charge a fee for it, while others provide it for free. Activate the feature for your domains, and your personal contact information becomes hidden from public view. - Free SEO Tools and Internet Marketing Advice - Low Cost Domains and Monetization Platform

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    Yes, like Steve said and remember to stay current, domain name privacy usually expires after one year so you will need to stay on top of updates.

    I have all my domains now at name cheap and I think they charge $1.xx or something a year for protection.

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    There are some domain registrars offering Whois Privacy for free.

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    Domain Privacy from 123 Reg hides your details so they’re kept safe and your identity is always protected. Having that peace of mind is worth a lot when you’ve put everything into building a business.

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    Some registrars offer it for free.


    Are 2 I use for free Whois privacy.

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    We offer privacy protection service for most of the extensions and we will be responsible to send you related emails sent to your whois email after we filter spams for you. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonysteve66 View Post
    Hi guys..
    Domain name is really like a business has contact details attach to that name. But sometimes details provided can also be viewed by hackers and spammers.

    what is best way or tips to protect domain privacy


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    Domain privacy

    Privacy protection may seem like a common sense choice when you’re setting up a new website. After all, you’re just protecting your personal information and trying to keep predatory telemarketers and shady people away.

    Still, there are some downsides to consider with an added service like this.

    1. The Additional Cost
    When you want extra protection from a service like this, you’re likely going to pay for it. Prices can vary greatly from one provider to another, from a few dollars a year to a few extra dollars per month. The cost isn’t regulated by anyone, so the private registration services get to determine their rates. On one hand, you’re paying for them not to publish your information. On the other hand, how much value will you get from that privacy? You have to decide whether or not it’s worth the added cost.

    2. Is it Really Private?
    You can pay to have your personal information kept private in the WHOIS record, but does your provider really keep your information private? It is entirely possible that your registrar can sell or distribute your content information by other means. While there are ICANN policies in place, registrars have violated these in the past – so there’s nothing necessarily stopping less-trustworthy companies from sharing your registration information if someone were to contact them and ask for it.
    Make sure you review the privacy policy of the registrar to ensure that information is not being shared or given out without your permission.

    3. Your Information Might Still Be Public
    Private domain registration can be set up at any time, but if your domain was already registered without privacy protection in place, your information might still be public. There are tools available that allow people to do historic searches and find previously listed ownership data on domains. Some of these tools may even show transfer or sales records of domains.

    4. Your Reputation May be in Question
    Customers are far less trusting of brands these days, as is evidenced by a Nielsen study showing that more than 92% of consumers trust peer data and reviews over brand advertising. Some of your prospective customers may even go so far as to check the WHOIS information to verify whether your business is legit.
    If you have a business website but your contact information is fully private, a prospective customer may decide that you’re trying to hide something, or you’re not who you say you are. After all, what does a legit business have to hide that they wouldn’t share their public contact information? Maybe you’re not really that small-town maker of artisan furniture – you might be some scammer who is going to steal their credit card information. Transparency can go a long way towards alleviating the concerns of prospective customers.

    5. Privacy Protection Isn’t Always Available
    Depending on the top-level domain you choose, you might not be able to set up privacy protection. It is widely available with most domain extensions with the exception of .cn, .us, .au, .asia, .eu, .xxx, .cc, .tv and .name.
    With one of those domain extensions, you’ll be required to list your accurate contact information as the registered owner of that website domain.

    6. Who Actually Owns the Domain
    Whenever you opt for privacy or WHOIS masking, you should understand the implications of putting someone else’s information down as the registrar of the site. In the eyes of the registry (ICANN or CIRA), the individual or organization listed as the registrant for the domain is technically the legal owner of that domain name.

    That means that even if you’ve paid for registration, you’re not the legal owner if your name is not listed in the WHOIS. Mind you, you aren’t likely to get into a legal battle with the registrar about who owns the domain. Still, if it were to ever come down to a legal dispute, the registrar could come out the winner with their information down as the site owner.
    Bottom line

    It’s not a requirement, or a necessity, to invest in domain privacy protection. Still, the cost is negligible when you weigh the value that is offered. If you want to keep the solicitations at bay and protect your privacy, then it can be a worthwhile investment.

    Choosing the right domain name is vital. A domain is the first step in securing your online presence. Keeping your domain registration private is even more important. A lesson in domain registration, as soon as you register a domain with any registrar, your name, address and phone will be displayed in a public WHOIS database as required by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Email robots, hackers and spammers often search the web to extract such information to scam, compile email lists, steal domains and identity theft. Prevents all these by getting our StrongBolt Domain Privacy Protection.

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