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    Dec 2005

    Sedo sucks

    They make so many mistakes it's unbelievable and to get an answer from them takes days and sometime weeks

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    Oct 2004
    Cambridge, MA USA
    I'm sorry to hear about your experience to this point vanex. What questions have you not received an answer to? Please pm me. I'll be happy to help you out.

    Customer Care ::

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    Aug 2011

    Sedo untrustworthy

    Several days ago I have received an offer on sedo to buy a domain that matches my business name. After several hours of thinking I decided to buy the domain. I transferred the money to Sedo via paypal and…. 3 days later Sedo wrote me that the transaction has been canceled since it was a fake sale and they are dealing with the seller and Sedo suggested to me to take legal action against the seller. The seller wrote to me it was Sedo’s glitch indeed and showed me their correspondence, where Sedo actually excuses themselves to the seller for this mistake! It’s been 5 days now and Sedo stopped responding to my messages and did not refund my money even if they wrote they will. I am submitting a payment reversal (claim) with paypal to get my money back from Sedo (,,, which appears to be a dishonest and untrustworthy business.

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    Jun 2009
    Earth Surface
    What is the worth of the money. But I think Sedo is relible. It looks unusual, that will be very disastrous if they are no longer reliacble. | For sale at Flippa | |My Blog

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    Aug 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by elevator View Post
    What is the worth of the money. But I think Sedo is relible. It looks unusual, that will be very disastrous if they are no longer reliacble.
    All right, here's their correspondence:

    1st of August, 2011:

    Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx, our accounting team has been notified and the full refund will be issued to you shortly. The seller extends his apology for the cancellation of the transfer. Upon updating his portfolio listing this domain was missed as he followed our procedure. The notice "Unintended or fake bid" was the option available to cancel the transfer.

    Kind regards,

    2nd of August, 2011:

    PayPal payment on hold - Resolution needed

    PayPal just informed us that a temporary hold has been placed on the payment you sent for the domain

    PayPal will sometimes place a hold on legitimate payments for security reasons or upon request of the buyer. In order to have this temporary hold/dispute removed PayPal requests additional information about the payment from Sedo and you. To send the information please log in to your PayPal account, and click the "Resolution Center" tab. Alternatively, you can send the funds to us via a wire payment to get the pending hold resolved.

    In case that you have placed a dispute or claim at the PayPal payment due to open request, please contact us directly. We will be pleased to help you to resolve any problems.

    Please note we have temporarily suspended the domain transfer until the hold on the payment has been resolved, or until we have received the complete payment via wire.

    We appreciate your understanding in this matter and thank you in advance for your support.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions.

    2nd of August, 2011 - My response:

    There is no domain transfer since the seller emailed me that he is unwilling to sell the domain for $XXX and he writes he never intended to sell it for $XXX. He writes it was Sedo's mistake and he sent me your correspondence with him (text of it). It is more than disgusting that you are abusing me, your long time customer, the Buyer this way. I do not owe you any money, but you owe me a refund of $XXX and you stated that yesterday above that a refund will be issued to me. You are lying! Paypal did not email me about any HOLD on the $XXX payment! I logged in to my Paypal account and I don't see any hold nor any notification of hold or any request for action. The $XXX have been charged on my account 5 AM yesterday (1st of August 2011). Therefore I have submitted a dispute with Paypal now since you are unwilling to refund my money. I will escalate this dispute to a Paypal claim on the 5th of August 2011 if you will not refund the money by that date. I will also be reporting you SEDO to the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, UK and Germany's authorities.

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