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    Sedo Parking Statistics Cleanup

    Today, Sedo sent an e-mail out to all its parking customers informing them of the upcoming improvements to their parking stats. This includes improvements to their traffic counting methods.

    Here is the complete email:

    At Sedo, we're dedicated to offering only the highest quality products and services to help you make the most of your domain portfolio. In a continued effort to do so, we've made some important changes to Sedo's parking program and are conducting a parking statistics "cleanup."

    :: What's changing? ::

    From now until October 31, 2010, we will be switching the parking program to JavaScript. This change is in line with the new standard protocol of our primary upstream advertising provider. On November 1, 2010, we will also clean our parking statistics to reflect an improved method of traffic counting.

    :: What does this change mean? ::

    A change to a predominantly JavaScript-based advertising feed means that non-human traffic (traffic from bots or scripts that does not lead to sales for advertisers) will be more accurately filtered out, providing you with cleaner statistics. These statistics are comparable to those tracked by standard web analytics tools.

    As an added benefit, this change allows for improved targeting of advertisements and automated optimization. Only quality human traffic converts for advertisers and provides valuable user information. This will enable us to increase the user experience by bringing the user even more relevant parking content. By focusing only on views that are more likely to convert into clicks, the effects of optimization will also be easier to track.

    While some domain owners may notice changes in parking statistics, we're confident that cleaner traffic, better optimization, and increased value for advertisers will have long term positive results.

    Historical statistics are not affected by this change, so comparisons of current data with previous months may not represent accurate trends.

    :: What will this change look like? ::

    You will notice some changes to the parking statistics in your Sedo account:

    - You will very likely see less Uniques (Views)
    - As bot clicks will be better filtered out, this may also result in fewer counted clicks on some of your domains
    - Parking statistics for November 1, 2010 will be reported on November 2. Real time reporting will resume on November 2, 2010.

    Overall this is expected to lead to positive developments in key parking parameters:

    - Higher earnings per click (EPC) and improvements to your overall CTR and RPM
    - Revenue should remain consistent. If you notice that views or clicks are lower than previous months, this may be counteracted by a higher relative CTR and EPC

    :: How can I learn more? ::

    If you have questions about this change, please don't hesitate to contact your SedoPro account manager or Sedo's Customer Care staff our Customer Support Center at

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    dont make the mistake of buying a name based on the traffic you see. most of the sites that report traffic report the raw hits to the name. that means any bot traffic or anything that pings the domain
    Even google bot. from our experience we see only about 5% of the hits traffic translate to viewable traffic on an ad network like chatika

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