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    Jul 2003

    Sedo Front Page Messed Up

    Why is it when I visit:

    I get a big blank area in the middle section content is way down the page (out of view). Its been like that forever and looks really unprofessional..... anyone else have the same problem?

    Just curious if its my browser (ie6) or some kind of weird sedo strategy to keep us hunting for info.
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    Must be your browser. Looks fine with firefox. - 60 day droplists. Hosted chasing. Backorders. Thousands of domains caught. - powerful domain parking and one page website hosting

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    Jul 2008
    Mine is like that as work (IE6 being used)

    at home it is fine (IE8 used) so assume definately browser based problem

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    Aug 2003
    San Diego, CA
    It has been that way for quite a while for IE6 users.
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    I noticed the same thing when I was using a public computer a couple weeks ago. The browser wasn't any of the common programs, but it looks like they had the browser set to an 800x600 resolution.

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