Hello everybody,

I am totally new to domaining. I have been studying domaining now for only 3 months. I'm very interested in this business and i have allready come up with many promising new domain names waiting to be registered. I have couple of questions related to legal issues that i would need to get an answer before starting. I would appreciate advice on these issues from the long time and experienced domainers in this forum. I know that this issue is probably one that many people here rather not talk about, because it is so complicated, but also it would be very valuable information for very here, because these issues are important for all of us.

Not to make this thread too long my main question is as follows:: Is there any " bulletproof" way to safeguarding oneself from possible UDRP liabilities or similar TRADEMARK legal issues, when registering new domain names or buying old aftermarket domains and reselling them o ther than checking possible trademark registries for name conflicts?

This information would be very important for me since i am a Private person and dont have a Corporation to buffer me financially. I have understood that if loosing a UDRP case or similar, one could possibly be fined 100.000 dollars liability. For me personally this would be a no-go situation. WIth these points in mind, what are your expert recommendations for a newbie?

Thank you in advance, i would appreciate your advice !