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    Domain Whois Issue

    I caught a domain back in 2006 through SnapNames. The domain was for development, and I shortly afterwards found a better domain, so I did NOT renew the domain.

    Now, 4 1/2 years later, I checked the whois of the domain - my contact details are still there, but the email address is with being the registrar. I have never paid a renewal fee, nor does the registrar have any credit card information of mine.

    Is this something to be concerned about? I'm a bit uncomfortable about a domain being in my name that is not mine and somewhat surprised the registrar would keep it in my name while changing the email to their email address.

    (I've reported this to ICANN, FWIW).
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    You haven't renewed your site, nothing will be affecting you. No legal issues will be coming back to you. so cool

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    Call and/or email and ask them to remove your name.
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    Hi, I have never ever heard such things that you asked about. When I did a transfer from a service provider to an another called, and held over there for a year and left it not renewed. After looking your issue, I checked for my site, there is nothing in my name or in others contact details. What you did with ICANN is right, I wish you to get relieve from the issue you been in.

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    I guess you should contact your domain registrar to remove it.

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    Thanks for the quick reply imek.

    Yes, I'm aware that you usually need to sign up and pay extra for that feature.

    The thing is, at any time during the sign up I didn't see any options for it.

    I have contacted Net Registry support and am yet to receive a response. I will wait for that, but in the meantime I thought I'd just discuss the issue here.
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