The right “domain name strategy” generates millions for Verizon

FairWinds Partners announced on Friday that a custom domain name strategy designed for Verizon, the telecom and internet giant, which has been implemented since mid-2008 has now generated 31 million visitors per year on average to the various Verizon owned websites/internet properties.

An additional 321,000 confirmed online sales were reported to be generated annually as well, resulting in millions of dollars in earnings. All of this new data has been revealed based on a new analysis of Verizon’s website’s analytics.

Verizon isn’t the only billion dollar company or “big client” that FairWinds Partners has worked with in the past. Other major players that have used the various services that FairWinds partners provide include WordPress, GAP, Xerox, Walmart, LivingSocial and DirecTV just to name a few...

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