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    Nov 2011
    Hi, i m newbie

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    Nov 2011
    Unfortunately, I see so many people actually trying to park a newly bought domain, it starts getting funny. I hope everyone sees this link and learns how to actually go for domain parking.

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    Aug 2007
    Hi Vinay, Welcome to the forum. Domain Parking Manager - make more from your parked domains.

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    Jan 2013
    thanks. let me check that

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    Sep 2013
    what does ovt means?

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    Sep 2012
    Hong Kong


    if you want to have one please talk about with me~~~
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    Jan 2014
    Yes, parking domains can earn money with rental where you update NS

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    Earth Surface
    Quote Originally Posted by safesys View Post
    The same question comes up over and over and there seems to be some confusion about how parking works.

    Parking is designed to convert existing traffic to revenue - it is not designed to create traffic on the domain name.

    In the B2.0 article there was an image - this was the important part of it:

    Note that it said:

    "he directs traffic to an aggregator"

    not just

    "he directs his domain to an aggregator who adds traffic to it".

    If you want to make money from parking you need to be researching into buying domains that already have traffic - not just buying any old name then wondering how you get traffic to it.

    Buying traffic to send to a domain that doesn't have any will get your accounts cancelled without pay by virtually all the park services.

    added: there is more detail on how parking works further into this thread.
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    Oct 2018

    Domains for Sale

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