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    Dec 2006
    One MORE for ya


    This is Jon Machomann. I found your name for sale on the web. Can you give me a price for the name in the subject line.

    Domain names is not my main business. Just another way to make money online on domain reselling.

    If you offer more domains for sale with good reselling potential please email us your list.

    Looking forward to do business with you.


    Jon Machomann
    Machomann Web Design & Consulting
    Orkanger, Norway
    Idea Earth...Always Thinking!

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    Feb 2008
    I got one such offer some time ago, but made him a counter offer of financing the appraisal - & surprisingly, he gave up
    It's really disappointing to see how these people are trying to take advantage of domainers - with the new ones being especially vulnerable...

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    Sep 2008
    I received this today...


    Your domain name has been found online.

    Please let us know your price.

    We make money on selling and buying names and sites. Now the domain
    business is very attractive.

    Looking forward to do business with you.

    Joshua Knight
    Vice President
    Norway Capital Investment Group

    Is this another scam?

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    Here & there.
    Originally posted by kadedst
    Is this another scam?

    It's nearly identical to those you will find below.
    "Just when I thought that I was out, they pull me back in!"

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    Nov 2008
    I get loas of emails and letters through saying that I need to renew my domain name for £x amount of money but none of them are from the company I bought the doamin name from. My company say they are all scams and to ignore them - how cheeky are some people


    Personal chef and catering

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    Apr 2009
    hello guy am sorry for every body scampers got but i have my domain beeing at sedo markter place and the sold and send me a letter for sale and is almost a month my money is not yet payed why is that happen god bless then

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    Apr 2009


    The Internet’s Best Kept Secret Revealed…
    How to Create Automatic
    Income With Expiring
    Domain Names
    An interview with Gbadamosi Olutosin
    This is an interview conducted to educate you on “The Business called Domain”.
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    The interview reveal what the business is all about and most important of all how it
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    This Interview reveals some excerpts from the book “The business called Domain”
    Written by Gbadamosi Olutosin, a successful Domainer, with a lot of experience in
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    He writes this based on his knowledge and results on the business and those of his
    colleague in the business online.
    All you need to know and succeed in the business is right here Free Of Charge.
    You are urged you to take this e-book seriously and start earning dollars beyond your
    dreams. It's real.
    Your success in this business is limited by your imagination, unbelief and Unwillingness
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    Congratulate yourself coming across this E-book. Enjoy it.
    Now let’s get down straight to the Business
    Does this sound familiar?
    Take good note of the $2500. It is from just one domain names
    How about these testimonies from this business
    “I acquired a domain called for $60first month I made $180 in
    revenue. The second month, I did just shy of $300 in revenue. The third
    month, I did over $ it is worth $10,800.
    As I write this, I have just completed the sale of my domain name, Phone- for $1,000. I bought this domain less than a month ago for just
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    I am sure you have seen results like these before but you have never seen people
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    But today I congratulate you. Today your world will change and you too can start
    to make that amount in the next few weeks. All you need is to follow the steps in this
    I know you are wondering what Domain names are all about.
    Domain names just like land and you let it appreciate in value or you build it and sell
    at a very high profit. Sometimes you can decide to turn it into shopping complex and
    any other things to make you money.
    But domain names are bought and used online.
    1. You buy it and sell it off at your own favourable price. Domain name registration
    starts from $3.
    2. You can decide to let it wait and appreciate in value before selling it.
    3. You can build a shop or turn it to a selling point thereby making some money for
    4. You can decide to build it and sell for a very higher amount.
    Out of all the possibilities of this business I am more interested in the last one
    because it makes the most money an
    You will be required to
    1. fill in a keyword that gives the description of your domain name
    2. Asked to redirect your DNS server to theirs, This is very simple they will show you
    The whole process won't take more than 10minutes. After that you are done. You
    have just set up one of your cash machine. At the end of the month they will send
    your cheque to your slated address.
    Any name you register must possess the following
    1. Easy to remember
    2. Generic
    3. Easily spelt
    4. Not unnecessarily hyphenated
    5. Avoid names like they could be confused for
    If the Domain name you register is good enough to pull traffic you are sure of a
    steady income without stress.
    Even though this is easy to do (it doesn't take 10minutes), if you don't have a name
    that has good traffic you won't make good money from this.
    I will teach you how to select great domain names with high net-worth with which
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    $3, your registration fee to $2000 consistent profit. Let's move on.
    Affiliate marketing: The name speaks for itself. This alone is capable of making
    you over $2000 monthly.
    Affiliate programs are programs that allow you to refer people to buy a product and
    on every sale you earn your commission, which could be up to 75% of the deal
    Here is how this works: there are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs online.
    They are ready to part with 30% to 75% of their sales, which means if you promote
    a $100 product online and you earn 75% of that. That’s $75.
    How will you feel having just 2 of that daily? This means $4500 in a month. I can
    assure you with full confidence you can make far more than that.
    All you need to do is simply point your domain name to your affiliate link which you
    will be given when you register with any of the affiliate programs. Your link will be
    used to track your sales for you to earn.
    I will tell you this story take it serious
    “A person sells bass fishing and owns someone wanted to visit the
    website and made a MISTAKE of typing After making that mistake
    few times, discovered that he was typing bass for bash and went to search for
    affiliate programs that deals with bass fishing, he found some and registered with
    He went to register a domain name called and redirected it to and everyone that makes the same mistake he made will land on his
    website and he started making money with the affiliate programs he registered
    This is simply one sub way some earn huge amounts monthly. Give it a
    I will teach you more on this and how affiliate marketing works and the step by step
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    domain name with traffic you can earn more than you really expect. I will
    teach you how to select high net-worth domain that pull traffic and teach you how to
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    let's move on.
    Buying cheap selling high: This is by far the simplest way to make money from
    this business. You buy at your own price and you wait for buyers to sell at a higher
    "As I write this, I have just completed the sale of my domain name, Phonesystem.
    org for $1,000. I bought this domain less than a month ago for just $7.
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    I am sure you can now see what I am exactly talking about.
    But before you go and buy a domain name to sell, there are some things you must
    bear in mind.
    When asked Rick Swartz the Domain king what he will do if he his new on the
    business, his responds is that he will buy some names at low price and sell high.
    A domain name with a very good traffic carries the cash. Also the domain name with
    a very high net worth value command attention. I will show you how to make any
    amount you want to make from this. I will teach you how to get the required traffic
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    60% of domains registered are useless. I will show you the secrets very few know
    that is making me rich.
    Building it and making more money: Domain names alone can fetch you above
    but if you take a little more time to do some more things, developing it to a website
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    that point you can raise your price and maximize your profits. It won't take you more
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    The best advice I will give to you is never leave your domain empty waiting for
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    Domainers miss 98% of opportunities to sell! I was like that too when I started Not
    until I learnt how to turn $8 into $2 000. I made those mistakes because I never had
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    I'm now averaging over $500 a day in profits and growing. I still can't believe
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    "..A real mile-stone!"
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    secrets, too many doubts, too many things never said. Or never written. you
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    This is one of the most complete e-Book. it will show you how to make
    money with domains."
    "This means a lot to me. Thanks!"
    hi, "From the first email you sent me I sensed an honorable business man. I want to
    deal only with people that have integrity. You have demonstrated that well....You are
    a professional and honorable man helping me get educated and that means a lot to
    me. Thanks again”
    Now that you are ready for a great success with Domain Names you can view the
    full package and its accompanying benefits click here. It's indeed the best decision
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    I prepared this questions and answers to fully educate you about this
    The interview below teaches you far more about the business I answered a lot of
    questions for you to succeed.
    LET''S GET ON.
    Question: Can we know you?
    Mr.Tosin: well, I am Gbadamosi Olutosin. I am into domain name business with a lot
    of successes and failures in the business.
    I know you might ask what I mean by failure so I’ll explain. I have been online for
    some years now and I have tried out some businesses.
    Over a year ago, I decided to forgo other things I was doing. It was a painful thing
    leaving what fetches me good money beyond what people working 9am to 7pm can
    earn, just to focus on a new opportunity I have just discovered and believed in so
    Like I use to say, there must be one crucified Jesus for other’s sin to be forgiven. I
    consider myself as that, because some other people too saw this opportunity but didn’t
    want to be the Jesus.
    I don’t want to bore you with the raw details but now I am happy now that I can teach
    you how to go make $2 000 and above in less than 30days.
    Question: How did you come about this business?
    Mr. Tosin: Well it’s close to 18months now. I was bored with some of my businesses
    and started reading some old business magazines that I know has a lot of information
    and value. It was from there I saw Expired Domain. I decided to go for it with all the
    passion and failed so many times before getting it right.
    My failures were due to the fact that I wasn’t properly educated as I ought to. It was
    latter I found my feet and got back on track.
    Now I feel bad when I see some new comers in the business making the same old
    mistakes that I made because of wrong information. Although, some people get
    carried away by the lies of wrong marketers. But I will not blame them too much
    because the actually have little options. That’s why I took it as a responsibility to
    educate people.
    Question: Are people really succeeding in this business?
    Mr.Tosin: A lot of people are successful in this business. There is a guy named Rick
    Schwartz who’s called the Domain King because he makes $2,000,000 a year in
    passive income from his domains. Imagine that… $2,000,000 a year and he doesn’t
    even have to worry about building websites on those domains or driving traffic to them
    because they already have traffic.
    After I found out about this, I started buying domains myself and I’ve had a
    blast once I figured this all out. I’ve bought a bunch of domains, many of
    them for $60 or less, that now generate an amazing income and an
    astounding return on investment.
    A fellow Domainer Shawn Casey has this to say:
    One domain I bought for $60 a few months ago now brings in $300 a
    month in passive income and would sell for over $10,000 today. I’ve got
    another domain – also bought for $60 – that brings in traffic that would
    cost me about $5,000 a year to get on a pay-per-click basis. Imagine that
    – I get many thousands of dollars worth of traffic every year for a tiny
    investment of just $60!
    Question: You are saying anyone can now do the same thing you do to get
    these cheap domains.
    Mr. Tosin: Yes, it has no formal requirements
    Question: Let’s dig into the details on how all this works.
    Mr. Tosin: No problem
    Question: To start at the beginning… what’s a domain?
    Mr. Tosin: A domain is the easy-to-remember internet address that helps people
    navigate the web.
    In the early days of the Internet, there was a series of numbers or IPs to
    designate every website. It was basically, “26.96. whatever.” It was very
    difficult to remember, so they came up with a naming system. That’s what
    the domains are.
    Now you can have instead. It makes it easier for people
    to remember. It makes it easy to market and easy for people to find things
    Question: Are you saying people make millions of dollars yearly from this?
    Mr. Tosin: Yes, this is a multi-billion dollar business. Even if you can’t make the
    millions, atleast making 1%-10% of that will still make you rich, that’s $10 000 -
    $100 000
    Question: what really make those domain names valuable since anybody
    can register any name?
    Mr. Tosin: Definitely, there are some things we use and look for before we say a
    domain name is worth a particular amount.
    Traffic is the major factor to consider. Even if you have the worse name on earth but
    with a high traffic, a lot of people will queue to buy the domain name. but a very nice
    name without traffic is definitely worthless.
    Of course, there are some other qualities we look for like memorable, simple
    characters, generic and some others but traffic supercedes all.
    Question: Most names are already taking especially the generic one-word
    Mr. Tosin: You can still get them but you can only get them in the secondary
    The secondary market talks about buying from people that bought it in the first place
    but are willing to sell it at extremely cheap amount.
    Between 20 000 and 70 000 domain names expired daily. Some percentages of
    those domain names have a very good and high traffic and they expired without the
    Attached Images

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    thanx for the tip

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    jeddah.saudi arabia
    thank you Matt for advice . I am new in domain trade
    and i read some advice from you in domainstate .i take more benefits from you .
    everyday in internet discover new ways for scams .so if every member if can put advice for this is good .
    all the best.

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    Jan 2010
    I am also very new to this domain trade.. This forum is very helpful to me..

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    Dec 2010
    I suppose appraisal is the way to get estimated cost of your domain name. In any case your domain name (names) worth as much as real buyer is ready to pay for them

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    Jun 2011
    shenzhen, china

    Car GPS/Navigation

    I'm a newbie here,thanks for your warning

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    Sep 2011
    Hi guys! I am a rookie trader too. How can I appreciate my domains listed in my profile? Where can I get the most exact valuation?

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    Yesterday i receive this type of message and i get this offer. Now you tells and now i not take interest this. Thanks to share this information.

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    Melbourne, Australia

    Got this one only today . . .

    Scam email name and address: aaron-schomberg (at) website-domain-hosting (dot com ✆ via gmail (dot) com

    SCAM EMAIL BELOW (received today)


    I've just found out that you currently offer this domain for sale.

    I want to buy your domain name. Please send me your desired price in USD or euros for the domain name in the subject line.

    If you have other names for sale please email me your domains with prices.

    I'm looking forward to doing business with you.


    Aaron Schomberg


    Website Domain Hosting LLC.

    A great tip I picked up from ADAM DICKER of was to Google search the email address of the sender, their full name and their business name.

    Also check to see if they have a profile listing in LinkedIn.

    If the searches reveal a history of scams sent to others or zero identity in LinkedIn you could presume the sender is a scammer and simply ignore the email.

    Michael Searles
    Melbourne, Australia

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