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    Nov 2002

    A domain is a domain is a domain

    Many of you newcomers are sitting with your wallets open and credit cards at the ready. Why not pocket the Credit Cards for a moment .

    Take your time you're already mostly way late to the Type-in dance. .

    Type-ins domains

    Type-ins are domains that get traffic/visitors (directly in the URL address bar) without any need for search engines .There are a couple types of type-in domains. High profile generic words like , , without much struggle you can see that those types of names are valuable because for as long as the internet resembles today those names will bring in type-in traffic . These types of names raely ever "drop" anymore, especially in .com .

    Those names are long gone..the registration rights to them are already owned , if you want them you need to contact the owners with cash in hand ..lots and lots of cash.These are for the most part the names you see in the Press Releases.

    Developed Type-ins

    Next we have the type-ins domains that only get type-ins because the names were once registered before and had been developed websites type names .

    A company or individual had built a website that generated traffic through the search engines as they grew in customers/visitors people would bookmark the site or just remember the address and type-in when they wanted to go back to the website.
    The company goes out of business or simply forgets to renew their domain then the domainers and cybersquatters use drop services to try and "capture" the name once it actually drops. Most drop services run a Auction now .If the service captures the name at drop then they hold an auction.. you simply need to bid morethna the next guy to get the name. Charges of corruption run wild in the auction scene just as they do with the orginally online auction house Ebay. Best to read up on all the domain drop and auction services to see what people are saying about each.

    The drop and Auction scene is still popular though .. you can find drop and auction lists all over .
    Here's a couple to get you started

    Typo Domains

    Pretty self explanatory --typo names get type-in traffic because someone typed in the wrong letters to a word they already know , instead of
    Riding the coattails of an established company can get you C&D letters , be sued or they may not care and leave you totally alone. Most companies will send you a C&D and request transfer of the name for profiting on their Trademark.

    There are plenty of generic Typo names that wont get you in any trouble.. I own for example...I'm building a small site on the typo to gain more traffic than it would recieve with just type-ins . Just parked collecting revenues on the type-ins it would make $ a month , with a little devlopment it makes $xx the more pages the more money.

    Keyword Domains

    Keyword domains are domins that may or may not have type-in traffic .The main value when looking for keyword domains are looking for Keywords that have high search value , you can use a tool like word tracker or overture suggestion tool without extension .
    You need to make sure there is a market on your word or phrase "aluminum fishing boats" for example . On Overture suggestion tool we see that roughly 4,000 searches were done last month on the overture suggestion tool (just google it) .
    So you see that there is a market (people actually searching for "Aluminum Fishing Boats") not a huge amount but there is a market for them .

    Even without Type-ins Keyword domains hold value because they make great domains for developing in the search engines because the SE's give a certain amount of weight to the domain name ..(is it reflective of the search) , and because of image .if you sell or want to promote Aluminum Fishing Boats .. then the name you want is not
    The nice thing about Keyword domains is you can still register them in a wide range of extensions .Net , .Info , .Pro , .Ws , .Biz , .Org .

    Kewyord domains do sell in the domain aftermarket (after registration) , from investors to end users


    Extensions do matter for resale value and for development :

    .com is the most requested , the most recognizable extension and generally has the most type-ins with at times the exception of ccTLDS (country code extensions , .DE , .US , etc..) .De first the country code for germany and the .DE address is use d and is extremely popular in Germany and for those Companies outside of Germany wanting to project an image of being local , or showing that their company provides service to Germany and the better .DE names do receive type-ins .

    Generally Next in Value depending on a number of variables that you'll slowly learn :




    many cctlds are rising up and there are good investments if you speak the language .cn , .In , ....


    Traffic is what makes the internet go round and for the advertisors to open their wallet, the more on target your traffic the higher it's value to the advertisors and the more they'll be willing to pay .
    This is really what it's all about TRAFFIC ..and it isnt always about the most traffic

    some variables include :

    Quality of Traffic (generic or on target)
    Origin of Traffic (geo location )
    Amount Traffic
    Amount advertisors are paying from traffic


    Development - some find it easier to simply develop their domains this is the main path I have taken and many others are gravitating towards.

    The reason is if you have a type-in domain that makes $5 a month parked'd need 100 other domains just like it to make $500 a month because each domain only has one access point

    But what if you took built a website and simply built 100 pages on the website that reflect topic and could make $5 on each of those pages through the search engines (the search engines mostly wont rank parked pages , and when they do only the page )

    The advertisors dont care where the traffic comes from as long as it is quality targetted traffic's always the better targetted the more the advertisors will pay. You'll need to learn basic web devloppment as wellas basic SEO

    Opportunities abound

    So while you may not be able to open up your wallet and purchase you can certainly register Airlines.Ws and monitize it through development .

    You can play the typo game, do you find yourself always making typos yourself ? maybe that's a natural niche for you to find quality typos names that can generate an income

    You can invest in country code domains ccTLDS , find a niche market, is China really about to break open , are they increasing their openess to the business world is online trade in China increasing ? maybe .cn is where you can enter the domain market fairly inexpensively , Or Turkey or India

    You can invest in high quality keywords in alternative extension's does .Info just make sense to you , do you see that it makes sense to others ? .Pro they seem to be easing restrictions on second level .Pro ..maybe the times right to get in before everyone else ? .Ws thats an odd ball I've done quite well on developing in .

    The Domain business is far more than just type domains , you can make a few bucks as a hobby , you can make a living and even work or buy your way to wealth in domains through a variety of ways .. the opportunities are here ..there are no easy ways ..
    no matter which way you take it all requires a work ethic to research , comprehend and search the right domains for what it is you want to do ..

    This is just a few of the basics ..just something to get you thinking of more than dreaming that your going to register the next million dollar name .. because the odds are it just isnt going to happen ..and it definitely wont happen if you dont understand the basics and do your research

    Good Luck

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    Nov 2005
    Bravo on the post!

    I have been spending alot of time trying to research and understand this business and I appreciate this post greatly.

    I suppose for me development maybe the best track to head on instead of relying on parked pages and hoping someone stumble upon them.



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    Nov 2005
    bakersfield, Ca
    That was very helpful. I knew there was more to it than thinking up a name, parking it, and collecting cash. I may be new, but there is SOO much opportunity here, and I'm willing to do the research. Thanks for the help!
    A job metality says, "What if I fail?", a business mentality says, "I will make it or I will die trying."

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    Nov 2005
    Los Angeles
    Tremendous post! Thanks a ton from a newbie here!

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    Nov 2005
    Los Angeles
    Question, when looking for a .cn name is it translated? example, i choose is that readable in chinese?

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    Jun 2005
    no, you reg the name and it remains the same in every part of the world.

    I'll suggest to sticky this thread.

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    Wales (UK)
    Very useful post bid - should help a lot of new entrants grasp that type-ins aren't a product of simply registering a random domain.
    When using google for counts - use double quotes for usage counts for multiword terms and set "match type" to "exact" for all search volume lookups. Click here for more info

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    Nov 2005
    Thanks a lot bidawinner, I and I'm sure many others really appreciate the info. I never expected to get rich overnight, but I knew this business had potential if one is willing to do the work. I know I am and I'm sure so are many others. We are all kind of pioneers in the new world of virtual real estate, best of luck to all.
    Those that are willing to give up their freedoms for perceived safety lose both.

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    Nov 2005
    bakersfield, Ca
    Again, I really appreciate the post; very helpful. I have a questions though. I just registered a new domain name that I thought up( It's nothing big, but I want to get my feet wet so I registered it with, and parked it on It's targetted to where when one goes there, all of the links are for golf stuff. Is this something that I should develop? If I do develop it, how exactly do I do that, do I need to pay a web designer? How much capital would it cost to develop it? Also, in your opinion, is it a waist of time to register new names like that, because I see small portfolios that have maybe 10 or 15 existing domains with traffic for a few hundred bucks. Is this the way to go? Hey thanks a lot for the info, I really appreciate it.
    A job metality says, "What if I fail?", a business mentality says, "I will make it or I will die trying."

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    rymer, back to the beginning.

    When you think you have domain that might draw traffic you first need to go and see if anyone is even searching for that word or phrase ..wordtracker , overture suggestion tool etc..

    go to

    and type in : (zero results)


    cheapest golf gear (zero results)

    So that is telling you that most likely no one is using that keyword phrase let alone actually typing it in thier URL browser bar..

    so there is no reason to buy that domain .

    Yes you can develop it but do you really want to develop a domain that has "cheapest" in it ?

    If you are going to develop traffic you can do a lot better registering in another extension on keyword phrases that are actually searched on realted to golf gear:

    CheapGolfGear.Net , .Info , .Us
    GolfGearReviews.Net , .Info , .Us

    Those are terms that are actually searched on in the search engines (just the keyword phrase - no type-ins)not alot of searches but they are searched on

    It is a seasonal sport and so you know that those searches will rise as we enter spring and summer.

    If you know Golf and you know good golf products from bad then GolfGearReviews.Info might be a great name to develop in ..

    Next you want to go to Google and type in Golf Gear Reviews .. see the "results" in the right hand corner thats 5 Million instances of those words ..thats competition you need to beat all those to rank on the first /second page to get traffic ..

    Look at the first few results :

    The exact phrase in the domain did not get them to the top of the list .. it was a combination of on page relevant content , inbound links , keyword density on th e pages , AND the domain variable .. domain may not have gotten them to the top..but it MAY have been just enough rank them from page 3 to page 1 ..thats one of the importance of owning keyword / keyword phrase. (and why others may be willing to buy that keyword domains from you, developed or not)

    Developing webpages tutorials:

    If you really dont want to learn html you can use a editor like Frontpage2003 or Dreamweaver ..both excellent programs

    Developing is far more than just building pages though.. it's understanding what the search engines are looking for , understanding se alogoritums , SEO

    You can hire a designer from , or post web page designer wanted here in the advert section. $25- thousands .. Look around and see what the going rate is . What are people getting a template design done for .

    Or You can buy templates just about anywhere ,, , etc.. just google

    Jus starting out I wouldnt spend alot of money a $25 template and play around with it have to get your hands dirty to learn .

    Web Hosting is cheap, if you want to develop multiple domains get resellers hosting account - somehting like this company offers , You can host 101 domains..develop 101 domains for $25 a month

    So you need:

    Webhosting $25 month / 100domains

    A website editor or learn html $85 -$300 for a decent editor

    A web template or a designer Free to $20 to hundreds

    That's the easy part ..then you need to learn how to create your pages to be friendly for the (ever changing algos) search engine bots as well as for your visitors , you need to learn how to get links and which ones to stay away from .
    You'll need to write about whatever your topic is register domains that reflect products /services/hobbies that you are interested in (and of course that others are interested in ) .otherwise it will become more work than pleasure . texual content pages .

    The more your site looks and acts like a store the harder it is to rank in the se, you can skip all the content and make product pages and then BUY traffic from programs like google adwords

    And thats a whole other learning experiance , you just dont buy traffic need to learn which terms to buy that will bring you a profit and not a loss , the best time of day or week to buy certain words etc..

    No matter which avenue you take , buy sell domains , devlop domains , buying traffic to your domain .. they all require a level of expertise that mostly comes from not only listening and asking questions but also testing , actual trail and error .. you can get a foundation here on other boards but you'll learn the most by actually doing.

    Back to the beginning..when registering domains , the first thing you need to know is if their is a market for whatever that domain reflects, a product/servcie whatever .. are there people actually either typing that word or phrase directly into the URL address bar or in asearch engine ..

    Next when you find a market .. when you find a word/phrase domain that peope are actually searching on find out of advertisors are interested in it ..

    lets go back to Golf Gear for a moment .. go to http:// and type in Golf Gear ..

    Now on the right side ..see "Advertisors max bid" click on that and you'll see even down to the 10th advertsior is paying 25 cents a click for every visitor sent to him / his company .
    The top advertisor is paying 50 cents aclick ..

    Now you wont get 50 cents a click , depending on which program you use you'll get anywheres from 25-70% of that ..the rest goes to which ever program you sign up for .

    So now you know that there is a market for Golf Gear , and you know that there are advertisors for golf gear .

    Thats great, now you need traffic .. you know isnt going to get any type-ins because you already checked it out on overture .

    You also know no one is even searching on that term "Cheapest Golf Gear" could proably rank really easy on that term .. but what good is it going to do you if you rank but theres no traffic ..

    So you decide on GolfGearReviews.Net , it still wont get typeins ..but at least you know there are people actually searching for that exact term in their search engine if you can rank it .you will get traffic .. and by buying the exact keyword phrase might be just enough after you've done everything else might be the difference of ranking on first page compared to page 2 ..the difference between getting alot of traffic or a little traffic ..
    Last edited by bidawinner; 2005-12-01 at 02:34 AM.

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    New Mexico

    Can't thank you enough for taking the time ... quite a lot of time I imagine... to spell this out for us amateurs.


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    Nov 2005
    Los Angeles
    Yes, thanks a ton!

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    nice job Bid


    highly recomended reading by Duke

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    Nov 2005
    Los Angeles
    I am turning into a huge fan of these forums! I went on the chat part last nite, met some very cool people and got some tutoring. I host a pretty successful podcast called Filmmaking Central. Needless to say I was buying up about 30 great podcast names such as, and a slew of others over the last 3 months. Last nite i picked up and im going to develop a site with how tos, links to podcast aggregators such as and i will post my domains i have for sale on sedo.

    Very good people here so far

    Cheers, Dave
    Last edited by mediamogul; 2005-12-01 at 04:37 AM.

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    Missouri, USA
    Very generous Bid, very nicely done... -b

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