Domain Parking:
A domain parking is a registered Domain name that is completely not connected to the website or Email hosting service also. It is not used actively in the present but it is kept for later use.

Many business owners use this domain parking facility for many reasons such as Name reservation, generating income, multiple web addresses, etc.

As there are some steps for creating a parked domain in cPanel, Below are some of the steps for creating a parked domain:
  • Firstly, Log in to the cPanel
  • There is the option of Domains, Under Domains click on parked or aliases option
  • A new page will open, There you can provide a domain name which you want to park.

As by this, you can add a parked domain for your website. You can get more information on adding a parking domain & also removing a parked domain by reading this detailed article on How to add & remove a parked domain from Cpanel.