The Chief Financial Officer of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer Don Blair said that tn pas cher has developed a sales target in China at a recent media interview, they hoped that thier turnover will be to $ 4,000,000,000.
However, must change the exercise and recreational sports habits of the Chinese people to achieve the goal. Don Blair said: "China is one of the most populous country, they began to pay attention to sports, but they are not a participant now." According to the data from a market research firm, sales was $ 2.1 billion in China last year. The fiscal first quarter ended August 31 this year, its sales is $ 528 million in China.
according to the related news, located in Oregon, United States planed to concerned about its endorsement of cooperation sports stars, such as the French Open champion Li Na.
The report also said that there is 7500 outlets for selling products in China, they hoped to have a close relationship with the Chinese track star Liu Xiang to help it to increase its sales on track and field and sports tool. also intends to organize a skiing next year in the surrounding areas of Beijing to promote the needs of ski clothing, skiing is more and more popular after each winter olympics.