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    New user ParkingCash setting up a scam

    I just received two Private Messages on this board from the new user ParkingCash, see copy below. All my scam alerts go off on this one. "Tried to contact you for long", sure if you're a new user. And paying 2K to get access to an unused PPC account????

    I'm not sure how the scam works here. Probably something like him sending loads of illegal garbage traffic to my PPC account, then splittng the revenues. But if he really has tons of traffic then there must be a good reason that the PPCs don't want him on board. Better stay away from this.



    Hi.I have tried to contact you for long.plz read.

    We are running an Ad company,we have ton of no_used domains still with traffic there.
    I want to work with 3 domain parking companies.||
    getting approve the account is very hard from them.We wasted a lot of time on it without success.
    I read your post in forum that you was working with some parking companies,maybe you can
    sell your No_used parking accounts to me,Or help me use your domains with my info to register them.
    I can pay up to 2k USD for each account from that 3 company.
    I'll only use for parking our domains,that's all.
    If you don't use those companies,you can sell to me.I'll give good price for it.
    I can make payment by Paypal&Webmoney&LR or face to face trade.
    For more details on this plz send me an Email to :
    And lets talk in Email about it.Thanks for your time to read,buddy.Nice to meet you here.

    Best wishes --- Jack
    Merry christmas!

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    Are you joking , man ?

    I am not a spambot . i send it to you becasue i saw your post.

    And i am not scammer .

    I am new here doesn't mean i can't afford it . I pay for what i need .

    If you are not interested in . you can simple refuse .

    thank you .

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