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    domainging strategy indicators

    I am thinking to develope a strategy in order to determinate a domain value based by inicators only ... no emotional. Emotional part has a diferent role.

    I identified 4 such indicators: 1. google keywords exact search, 2. numbers of the same registered domains, 3. the domain age based on records and 3. years of web history activity if is any.

    Are there other such indicators you are looking for? (execept for emotional part)

    Considering this domain indicators they apply different for every domain extension, of course.

    The question is how do you apply this indicators for every extension? What of this numbers are more important for you, and what number are you looking for more?

    Based on experience I am sure moust of the good domainers already develop their strategy and not doing this activity considering just emotions or intuition ... can you share some of this?


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    Do you plan to provide such a service?

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