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    About domain's trademark and similarity


    I'm a newbie in domain world .. I want to know anything your opinion or suggestion about domain name similarity in the domain trademark rule. Domain name is sometimes create by combining some letters, words, or numbers .. so that it has a meaningful name. There are many resources to find a good name, such as dictionary, intuition, popular and daily words, keyword research, brand-able name etc. But, how the domain trademark rule would be applied?

    In example, suppose that the "example" word is registered trademark by company as a company name and/or product name with the domain "". It means that "example" is trademark name. But, we know that the "example" is a real word, English word and found in the dictionary as a daily word. If sometime I registered my domain, like "", "" .. is it against the domain trademark rule or not? Suppose, "" or "" are created by dictionary as reference, keyword research, and didn't think about trademark yet because creator didn't know that "example" is a trademark name, just thought that "example" is a popular word and hope will bring in high traffic.

    In this case, what is your opinion about name similarity or trademark? Because I still rather confuse about it. Thank you.

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    If you do not use the exact trade mar and you use what you use fairly, you would have no problems...

    Read the stories of some famous businesses here:

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    About domain's trademark and similarity

    A trade mark may consist of words, designs, letters, numerals, colours, the shape of goods or their packaging etc. and any combination of such signs. A domain name is registrable if it is not identical to a previously registered domain name.
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