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     The renewal for expired BlueHost’s shared hosting

      Today , with the rapid development of the Internet, every business needs to set up their own website. And it is essential to rent the shared hosting, but it has a certain deadline. Then, how to renew it when it expired. Here I’ll take BlueHost as example to show you how to renew.

      BlueHost is one of the shared hosting providers in the United States, founded in 1996, with more than 20 years of hosting experience. It offers the solutions of hosting space for personal blogs,small and medium business sites. What’s more, BlueHost has connected with backbone networks around the world to meet the needs of customers, and provides customers with fast and stable hosting services.

      Bluehost will send you a renewal email 30 days before expiration,which will remind you to renew 15 days before the actual expiration. Delivery address will be the one that customer provided in purchasing, so you must provide the valid mailbox at first. For users who used credit card ,BlueHost will try to transfer their money and send them an email 15 days in advance, to ensure the uptime of shared hosting. When users receive an email about renewal, it’ll renew automatically if money enough of credit card.

      Renewal steps of BlueHost :

      1, First of all, users need to log in to their own shared hosting cPanel control panel, click on the top of the “Profile / Billing” ,then go to the account information management page;

      2, And then click on “Renew Hosting Account” to enter the renewal page, which includes shared hosting renewal , main domain name renewal , and some other products,for example, independent IP renewals and so on. You can delete some unnecessary products by clicking “remove” , only renew your own host or domain name;

      3, Finally, you can pay according to the prompts to ensure that the shared hosting account can be successful renewed.

      Above are introductions about the steps of renewal, you can also consult the shared hosting Detective to find more BlueHost information.

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