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    Oct 2012

    Social media techniques

    Suggest me Good Social media techniques to increase traffic to my site?

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    Feb 2013
    Search it in

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    May 2013
    simple used the Google and search all the thing about social media and find huge like for this!

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    Apr 2014
    Use tool and increase Facebook likes..

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    Jul 2014
    they Social media Get more Traffic on your website.
    3. Pinterest
    4. LinkedIn

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    Jun 2014
    It depends which site you're talking about, each one requires different techniques. Facebook and twitter are more long term I'd say, it takes a while to build up followers etc.

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    1. Quality posts on regular basis.
    2. Up-to-date social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.
    3. Post Multimedia based content.
    4. Responds to comment & query promptly.
    5. Use Hash tag related to your product or services.

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    May 2017
    Well there are many social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Stumbleupon etc.

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    Jul 2017
    6 Ways to Immediately Boost Your Social Media Traffic

    Building social media traffic is a lot like a city planner knowing how to efficiently get traffic in and out of a city. If each roadway into a city is a different source of website visitors, your social media traffic should certainly be a pillar to your highway infrastructure.
    Getting people to your website through social media engagement can be tricky, especially if you’re on a limited budget and already attempting paid advertising. While paid social can certainly help boost your website traffic, how do you get people to go to your social channels?
    As we all know, social media has the ability to be a major source of traffic to your site. The larger presence you build on social media, the more you can rely on steady social media traffic to your site.

    1. Inspire Your Audience With Visuals
    2. Make Your Content Easily Shareable
    3. Improve Your SEO
    4. Know When Your Audience Is Listening
    5. Research Your Competitors
    6. Continuously Engage With Your Audience

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    Jun 2016
    Update each and every platforms as a individuals entity, Use proper hash tags, Update your social media platform on regular basis. Share your post on different groups and communities.

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    Up to date social media platforms
    Quality post every day
    always engage your audience

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    Aug 2017
    Social Media Techniques are
    Up-to-date social sites
    Quality post every day
    Always answers your audience
    Follow your competition

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    Sep 2017
    I haven't found any that work reliably without paying the respective companies to boost or promote posts. Then you can get some pretty good traffic, but unless you pay them, they aren't sending traffic your way.

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