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    Padma Aon Prakasha

    Padma Aon Prakasha:

    Padma Aon is a wisdom author, vibrational media creator, visionary pioneer and public
    speaker bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science. Padma’s books, music and
    multimedia are drawn from the traditions he has been initiated into.

    1: The Power of Shakti

    Padma Aon Prakasha: Shakti is the feminine life force that ceaselessly manifests, creates and activates.
    Igniting this living power within us is the key for both men and women to achieve
    vital harmony, empowered peace and sacred union. Uniting forms of Tantra Yoga
    found in Indian, Tibetan and Hebrew sacred traditions, Padma Aon reveals how to
    activate the power of Shakti by opening our 18 energetic pathways. Centered on
    the womb in women and the hara in men, Shakti links soul, body, emotions and
    sexual creative flow in potent experiential openings.

    2: The Nine Eyes of Light

    Padma Aon Prakasha: We are alive in times where many of us are experiencing other realities. Deeply
    relevant to what we are experiencing today are keys in the Egyptian tradition,
    which served as the foundation for their awakened civilization. Now, Padma Aon
    brings the Egyptian nine keys to the Light Body into our times, so we may learn
    from the Egyptian masters how to live, create and shift our consciousness
    multi-dimensionally. These nine keys are one of the oldest teachings on the
    workings of the light body from a civilisation that had mastered it.

    3: The Christ Blueprint

    Padma Aon Prakasha: The Christ Blueprint is an inspirational map given to us from the Apostles of Christ
    about the 13 qualities of Christ Consciousness. Revealed in Communion with the
    Masters of the Christ Council at the first church in the world at Maries de la Mer
    France, this eye opening and heart opening book provides a deeper connection to
    the Christ within you.

    4: Sacred Wounds: Original Innocence

    Padma Aon Prakasha: Our soul’s wounds are our pathways back to our original innocence. Our wounds are
    our own unique perfect design, a synchronous sacred pattern that leads us back, without
    fail, into our own sovereign soul. Our original innocence is our purity, which we return
    into after having fully felt all our human pleasures and pains, joys and sufferings, emotions
    and ecstasies. It is by fully embracing our humanity through the journey of life that we
    have the opportunity to enter into our twice born innocence.

    5: Dimensions of Love

    Padma Aon Prakasha: 7 Steps to God brings forth new and sometimes radical truths for the soul into the 21st century.
    In the souls journey, we all move through 7 Spheres or Dimensions. Each Sphere has clear
    signs, lessons, opportunities and emotions that show us where we really are on our souls journey,
    where we need to go and how to get there. The Sufis, Christ and St Theresa of Avila shared
    these seven steps, and in Dimensions of Love they are brought together to help us see what it
    takes for us to awaken today.

    6: Womb Wisdom

    Padma Aon Prakasha: Voted one of the Top 30 Books you must read, Womb Wisdom was the pioneer that catalysed
    the current resurgence in womb based practices and spirituality. In the past and in present-day
    indigenous traditions, women have known that the womb houses the greatest power a woman
    possesses: the power to create on all levels. This power can also be tapped into the birth of
    projects, careers, deep healing, spiritual growth and deeper relationships. The womb is the
    connector between women and the web of life, and we can learn again how to harness this
    immense creative potential to revolutionise how we live, heal and create.

    7: Sacred Relationships

    Padma Aon Prakasha: We are living in a time upon our planet when we are being called to reach deep inside to find
    the courage for undertaking an incredibly challenging and amazing act of creation— the birth
    of the Divine Human. This genesis is happening right now, all over the world: not just in humankind,
    but within all of life and Earth herself. We believe this shift is the answer to our crisis as well as the
    deepest meaning of it. The birth of the Divine Human is the key to our evolutionary destiny,
    and it happens through Sacred Relationship.

    Padma Aon Prakasha Books:

    They include: The Power of Shakti, Womb Wisdom, Sacred Relationships (Inner Traditions),
    The Christ Blueprint, The Nine Eyes of Light: Ascension Keys from Egypt (NAB/Random House),
    Dimensions of Love (O Books). Since 1997 he has presented, lectured and taught in 20 countries worldwide.

    Padma Aon Prakasha Music:

    Padma is a master of vibrational medicine through sound, translating the art and science of
    vibration to create moving and alchemical immersions. A globally distributed music producer,
    Padma performs worldwide, with two albums for Sub Rosa/BMG: Rhythmic Intelligence and
    Song of Light whilst Resident DJ at Talvin Singhs groundbreaking Indian music fusion night
    Anokha at the legendary Bluenote Club, Hoxton.

    Padma Aon Prakasha Videos:

    The Album Life Cycles accompanies the book Womb Wisdom, voted one of the top 30 spiritual
    books you must read. The Souls Birth with Dr Alex Theory and Kristin Hoffman merges the
    science of psycho-acoustic frequencies for pregnancy and birth with Nada Yoga in Sanskrit and Hebrew.

    Padma Aon Prakasha Media:

    His TV work involved co-discovering the first mummified Tibetan Lama for 'Mystery of the
    Tibetan Mummy,' (Discovery Channel 01), and narrating Peabody Winner Stephen Olssen's
    documentary 'Sounds of the Soul' about the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, which showed at
    Cannes and SunDance.

    Padma Aon Prakasha Events:

    As a multi-media producer he created original music and visual content based on global sacred
    sites for the Moscow Youth Olympics, and the 'ONE Project', which played in theatres and festivals
    in UK, USA and New Zealand. He is currently creating music and audio content for a revolutionary
    Meditation App.

    Padma creates from the fruits of his many travels and direct experience in many worlds, East and West.
    Padma supports the environment by leading large groups on carefully curated Transformational
    Journeys to culturally significant and sacred sites around the world in 15 countries over 20 years on 5 continents.
    He has appeared on BBC Radio One, The Times of India, Variety Magazine, Spirit&Destiny, Kindred Spirit,
    Dreamland Radio, XLR8R and Straight No Chaser amongst many others.

    Padma Aon Prakasha Contact:

    Facebook: Padma Aon Prakasha
    Twitter: Padma Aon Prakasha
    LinkedIn: Padma Aon Prakasha
    YouTube: Padma Aon Prakasha

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