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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Forum Rules

Domainstate is a free to use resource for people to discuss matters related to the domain industry in a professional environment. It is a private site and we reserve the right to cancel and/or limit access to the site if members abuse the spirit and nature of the site. The following rules exist to provide guidelines for what we class as abusive:
  • No Personal Attacks - we advise that disputes are handled in private or via the site admin
  • Members may only have one account under which they access this site - if you wish to change the username please contact admin. Do not create more than one account - it may lead to account suspension or banning.

  • Any disciplinary action, such as suspension or bans, apply to the person/entity and not just the username. We do not allow proxies or agents acting on behalf of suspended/banned members.

  • Adult domains/content may only be listed for sale/appraisal/feedback in the adult forum, there are no exceptions to this. This includes not listing adult domains in the member showcase, signature and/or member profile.

  • Sales and appraisal posts must contain at least one of the domain names for sale in either the title or message body and must not just contain a link to an external site

  • Traffic - domains listed as having traffic must include details of the actual traffic volumes. Metrics like overture, alexa, linkpop etc are not sufficient to prove traffic so please do not rely on them to support any claim of traffic. Stats must also be made available to anyone requesting them on a name listed as having traffic . This applies to all the sales forums here. Note: Newer domainers to this forum/industry should be aware that overture figures can be erroneous by large degrees, if used to predict traffic.

  • If the seller has knowledge that the domain they are selling has been blocked by any parking company it must be disclosed in the sale thread.

  • Domains/sites offered for appraisal/sale that are not owned by the poster must have this fact and the relationship between owner and poster made clear in the post. The admins/moderators reserve the right to suspend sales threads pending satisfactory explanations if questions to their validity arise and/or if domains listed by the same person contain different or fake WHOIS details. For security reasons, we no longer allow domains listed for sale that use hidden/proxy WHOIS details.

  • We reserve the right to remove domains that are listed here that we consider - in our sole discretion - to have no legitimate reason for their registration other than to trade off the goodwill of a third party. (see note #1below).

  • "Bump" Posts - ie posts that the sole purpose is to make an existing post more visible. We have recently changed our policy to allow ONE bump post per week per thread. This applies to all the Sales Forums only.

  • Sales posts are not appraisal requests unless the thread poster explicitly states that they wish for feedback - please do not post appraisal comments in sales posts that do not contain such wording.

  • Dishonest conduct is not permitted - this extends to reneging on agreements to buy/sell, shill bidding (artificial bid inflation), disguised self-promotion (eg pretending to be a satisfied customer of your own service), artificial traffic inflation, impersonation of another person or entity and deliberately misleading posts/post titles.

  • The Transaction Feedback system is only to be used for leaving feedback for sale/buy/swap transactions involving domains and websites that are linked to domainstate. All other feedback, good or bad, should be directed to Admin or placed in the appropriate forums. Artificial inflation of trader ratings of any kind, by any member, will lead to account termination.

  • All agreed transactions should be completed promptly to maintain their integrity - we take a dim view of unreasonable delays and lack of responsiveness.

  • Self promotion posts may only be made in the "Promotions and Advertising" forum. This means that any site, whether commercial or not, that you have an economic/controlling/employed interest in can only be referenced in that forum unless answering an explicit and genuine question about that site.

  • Affiliate links (links that garner reward) are not permitted outside of the "Promotions and Advertising" forum - this extends to signatures.

  • Signatures should be no longer than 2 lines (including blank lines) and must not contain either direct/indirect affiliate links or adult domains

  • Post limits:

    • The same domain should not be posted for sale/appraisal more than once per 30 day period

    • No more than 3 new sales and 3 new appraisal threads may be created per member, per day - each of these threads can be for single name or lists of names

    • New threads in the promotions forum are limited to 1 per week unless agreed by admin beforehand.

  • Promoting other domain forums via any of the site resources is not permitted. We appreciate that we do not operate in a vacuum - but we have seen so many abuses where people have spammed the site and members to promote other domain forums that we have now employed this explicit rule. Likewise, we do not condone members spamming other sites promoting DomainState. Links to other forums may be posted by members who are not connected to other domain forums by way of ownership/moderation/reward where they relate to specific and genuine thread content in order to address that content.

  • Domains posted in a Wanted forum thread/sent by pm must match the requirements stated by the thread poster. Posting of domains that do not meet those requirements will be viewed as spam and will be removed.

  • Wanted threads have a default life of 10 days after which if there is no response from the thread starter the thread may be closed to prevent wasted time on "dead" threads.

  • Spamming is not permitted in any form. This extends to unsolicited contact with members via the sites private messaging systems, email etc to promote domains/services/sites etc.

  • We do not allow the posting of personal details or private communications except in rare cirumstances where the details serve to protect the sites members as a whole and where admin have agreed to this.

  • Incoherent and truly off-topic posts may be removed.

  • If you believe a domain listed for sale at infringes a mark in which you have enforceable rights, please supply details including the mark, the registration number, the register it is held on and any other information that supports your claim for review by the administration.

  • Vulgar and obscene language is not permitted outside of the adult forum. Racist and offensive language may be edited or deleted.

  • We do not allow the encouraging of illegal activities such as drug use or theft.

  • Messages on this forum are not endorsed by the owners of this board and we take no responsibility for the accuracy of any posting made. We reserve the right to cancel membership/access at the sole discretion of the site adminstrators.

Note #1: Members who have posts removed under this provision often reply asking why their name was removed when other (sometimes specific) names weren't. This can be due to either our considering there to be a possible legitimate reason for the other domain name(s) to exist or we are not aware of the post(s) in question. Our "report this post" mechanism is often used to bring problem posts to the attention of admin - often by people who previously had their posts removed.

This can lead to a cycle as people have a tendency to cite other names that they consider to be a problem in response to a name of theirs being removed. That leads to our examining it and if we remove it, so the cycle can perpetuate. It should also be noted that the threads and domains we have removed due to this provision are not visible because they have been removed.

Board FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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