As you are probably aware on January 15th 2012 VeriSign (the .com and .net registry) will increase prices: 7% increase for .com and 9.89% increase for .net

Why not take advantage of our discounted transfer pricing now to beat the rise before it's too late!

All .com transfers are $7.85 (or $7.62 with prepayment by bank wire*)
All .net transfers are $5.85 (or $5.68 with prepayment by bank wire*)

This discount transfer promotion must end on January 9th 2012 at 23.59 UTC time.

*To qualify for bank wire transfer pricing you must notify of your bank wire prepayment for $1,000 or more, prior to initiating any transfers. if you do not notify us you will be charged at the regular discounted rate.

Transferring your domains to includes one year's registration, Whois privacy, Executive Lock security, domain monetization and integrated sales channels as standard. Why wait? Transfer now and beat the price rise!

You can read more about the new pricing effective January 15th here


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