Ok. So I have my friends yoga website up and running smoothly for a couple years.

Today I am doing some maintenance. I see her site is resolving to an odd lander for about 12 hours. Thought my server went down or something, but I look at whois first. Looks like I have left a server on this name some time ago. As you may recall, DS quit using proredirect servers a long time ago. Then they went caput early this year, serving nothing. Well, they must have turned them back on, because when I checked into it, all names having the servers (over 14k still if you can believe it) are now resolving nicely and profitabely to landers. If you check the whois, its a big secret. Hey Oversee. WHat the hell is going on? is an example. is another.

So if you look at the domains on the same server as you have

All based in the NL supposedly.

but cnomy is interesting as it supossedely get half a million visits a month and has almost 49 thousand names using cnomy servers.

Who owns ?

Looks like Directi opticaljungle etc..

but was reged on may26 2009. So who is getting the money from the 14k names still listing proredirect servers now? Im sure my friends site had 20 - 30 visitors in the time is was resolving to the proredirect lander. Who did that money go to OVERSEE? They are still your servers.

Lets see, I use Moniker, snapnames and domainsponsor. 3 oversee companies. When I see this, it makes me wonder just exactly why do I trust them anymore? First it was the taking of referral money, then popunder rev, then quality traffic pooled with crap, the ppc decline in general, and now, just plain flat out setting up a shell ppc lander to get unwitting domainers money direct. Thats low. That is what I expect from Network Solutions. Not Oversee. Must be getting rough over there.

just Blatant in my opinion.