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Currently It is the second most common top-level domain with over 12 million registrations, only after .com.

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Generic Second-level Domains
.com.cn: Industrial, commercial, financial enterprises
.net.cn: Networks, NICs and NOCs
.org.cn: Non-profit organizations
.gov.cn: Government departments

Second-level Domains of Provinces
.ah.cn: Anhui
.bj.cn: Beijing
.cq.cn: Chongqing
.fj.cn: Fujian
.gd.cn: Guangdong
.gs.cn: Gansu
.gz.cn: Guizhou
.gx.cn: Guangxi
.ha.cn: Henan
.hb.cn: Hubei
.he.cn: Hebei
.hi.cn: Hainan
.hl.cn: Heilongjiang
.hn.cn: Hunan
.jl.cn: Jilin
.js.cn: Jiangsu
.jx.cn: Jiangxi
.ln.cn: Liaoning
.nm.cn: Inner Mongolia
.nx.cn: Ningxia
.qh.cn: Qinghai
.sc.cn: Sichuan
.sd.cn: Shandong
.sh.cn: Shanghai
.sn.cn: Shaanxi
.sx.cn: Shanxi
.tj.cn: Tianjin
.tw.cn: Taiwan
.xj.cn: Xinjiang
.xz.cn: Xizang
.yn.cn: Yunnan
.zj.cn: Zhejiang

Domain Names with Chinese Characters

Domain names with Chinese characters may also be registered at the second level under the .cn top-level domains.
Furthermore, CNNIC also proposes Chinese domain names in .公司 (".com" in Chinese), .网络 (".net" in Chinese) and .中国 (".china" in Chinese). However, this alternative registration system is not recognized by ICANN and is only available via domestic registrars.