BIN $550

Registrar: Namesilo
First Appeared: 2017
Expiration Date: 05-31-2020
CPC Broad: $3.51
CPC Exact: $1.46
Estibot Appraisal: $1,300

Valuable keyword: worker is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $2164.
Popular keyword: security is a widely used keyword.
Memorable: is easy to remember.

Potential Industries: Business and Home Security Services / Anti Virus Computer Software and Security Services / Personal Financial Investing and Banking

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More Buyer's Info:
- Free push to Namesilo account with username.
- Accounts are free and easy to create.
- This domain is transfer capable.
- No website or logo included.

This domain can NOT receive a free push to Godaddy.

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