Enough is enough.

Too many members are ignoring the site rules about posting adult names outside of the adult forum.

Not only new members to the site ignore the rule but veteran domainstaters too. Apart from being in the site rules, there is a red highlighted warning not to post adult names in sales threads when a new thread is created. It is so prominent that I believe people are simply ignoring the warning knowing that for at least a short time their thread/s will get exposure in the main sales forums until a mod sees the thread and moves it to the adult forum.

From now on threads containing adult names posted anywhere other than the adult forum will be removed and all names posted in the thread will not be allowed to be re-posted for a period of 30 days.

I think 6 years latitude is enough.

Those that somehow make a genuine mistake can thank those that have ignored the rule, sometimes more than once, for the clamp down and this mod a least, for getting tired of having to move the threads.

You have been warned.

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