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Traffic: 42,000 unique visitors/mo.
Revenue: $30/mo. average
Creation date: November 2, 2008
Expiry date: November 2, 2013
Registrar: Adam Domains (an affiliate of GoDaddy)

I created a little over 4 years ago as an experiment but abandoned it due to lack of time soon after creating it.

Regardless of its neglect, it gets incredible amounts of traffic.
  • 42,000 average unique visits/mo.
  • 160,000 average page views/mo.

Here's a sampling taken from Google Webmaster Tools stats for October (+ last 2 weeks of September), showing the keyword and its average position (ranking) in the search engine results:

star wars toys - 6.6
lego star wars the clone wars - 7.3
star wars toy - 6.5
toy star wars - 4.8
new star wars toys - 7.0
best star wars toys - 8.3
stars wars toys - 5.4
star war toys - 4.4
toys star wars - 2.1
new star wars figures - 4.0
starwars toy - 4.8
cool star wars toys - 5.8
star wars barbie dolls - 3.5
star wars toy - 7.1
star war toys - 8.1
star wars 3 toys - 1.6
star wars new toys - 7.7
star wars toy figures - 8.7
star wars characters toys - 3.1
lego star wars republic gunship - 5.3
star wars fx lightsaber - 3.5
legacy collection - 5.5
star wars legacy collection - 2.4
lego star wars millenium falcon - 5.2
republic attack gunship - 2.4
new star wars toys - 5.1
lego star wars gunship - 2.4
lego star wars the clone wars - 7.1
star wars action figure - 5.9
star wars toy ships - 3.3
robot r2d2 - 2.6
old star wars toys - 2.3
anakin lightsaber - 2.9
star wars figure - 3.5

For the right buyer, it wouldn't take much to get many of these keywords to the #1 position for big traffic. Currently, it makes around $30 per month. It used to make $300 when I did some backlinking. Wouldn't take much to get up there again, and then some.

The site has a massive 2,500+ pages/posts (and growing). It autoblogs and builds content on autopilot. So, you can either choose to add your own reviews and content, or simply let it continue to build on its own, as it has been doing the past years.

The section for reviews of star wars toys contains unique content written by our team.

  • Premium, aged domain (4 years old)
  • Blog with all the plugins that run the site on autopilot
  • Unique reviews and content (not the autoblog content)
  • All the professionally-made graphics and banners you see on the site

Thanks for looking. Please make an offer if interested.