Hi Guys,

I'm selling 14 of my websites.
You can view them below.

These websites have unique content of two pages and above.
I had about 50 websites built for adsense in a short period and turned out that google did not like the idea and decided all my sites with very little content were not serving a good purpose and disabled my account

Anyway, I've sold off most of them and these are some of the few left over.

2. personaltouchhomecare.org
3. survivalfoodlist.org
4. onlinegedpracticetest.org
5. offshorefishingboats.org
6. whitedressesforgraduation.com
7. readinginterventions.org
8. plasticwood.org
9. shoparchitects.org
10. remedyforsorethroat.org
11. doeshpvgoaway.com
12. howtoroofahouse.org
14. babybouncerchairs.net

If these sites are purchased at the BIN price I will write 3 pages of unique content article/review for each site and deliver to you as a bonus.
That is 42 new articles in total (Value ($140) Some of the sites never had adsense codes on them.

All of these sites are over 5 months old so the aging of the domains is helping and some sites are ranking on page one.
These sites are getting fair enough so far without promotion.

I don't have analytics installed on most of them I use "seo power" and "kstats" plugins for traffic stats and if you want screenshots of these send pm.
All sites have pingback optimizer plugin installed for backlining (Value $47) Sites are registered on godaddy and namecheap.

Some basic backlinking done but not much.

Sites can also be monetized with other affiliate products like clickbank, cj, cpa and amazon along with adsense.

I will transfer all sites and domains to you for free.

There's not much else to say here.

If you are interested in these ready made sites, send me a pm or ask any questions here on thread if you like
and I'll try my best to answer them accordingly.

Payment Method accepted - PAYPAL
price-$1400 obo