I'm selling the following domains:


Domain 1)

Extension: com
Expiration date: 2013-11-25

It has 185,000,000 global monthly hits according to Google AdWords!

Zagreb is the main city of Croatia, and it gets 4,090,000 monthly searches on Google.

I also have to point out that the domain is wanted in Croatia!
If you want more informations, let me know.

Transaction will be completed via paypal.
I ask 250 $.

All offers are acceptable with the minimum of 250 $.

Domain 2)

remarkably.co is a very valuable 1 word .co domain!

Remarkably can stand for a lot of things, it can also stand alone by itself and represent a brand!

It has 2,900 global monthly exacts!

All offers acceptable!

Please PM me!

Thank you, Luke