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Auction End date: Feb 28 2013
Registrar: Godaddy
Creation Date: 28-dec-2001 (12 YEARS OLD)
Expiration Date: 28-dec-2013

Offers Wanted For

-Two word, keyword rich ,self descriptive domain name
-Well Aged (12 years old) created 28-dec-2001
-Direct reference to the banking and finance industry
-Highly sought after domain name that represents an Institution and Service that is used by everyday citizens globally.
-Investment grade domain name that can be used or sold to ANY mortgage firm or company anywhere in the world.

The potential value of this domain name is truely limitless because we all know there are THOUSANDS of Mortgage Firms around the world in every state and country globally.

Very High CPC of up to $12 per click, This translates into a massive profits via Google Adsense Revenue , advertisers are paying top dollar to target mortgage related keywords
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mortgage ----------16.6Million ---------------------- $3.02
mortgage loans -------823000 ------------------------ 4.58
getting a mortgage --------40,500 ----------------------- $5.10
mortgage brokage --------8100 ----------------------- $7.47
mortgage lending ---------1Million ----------------------- $4.21
home loans ----------2.2Million --------------------- $4.08
mortgage firms ---------5,400 ---------------------- $7.25
mortgage companies ---------246,000 ------------------ $7.09
mortgage company ---------450,000 ---------------------- $4.72
home loan broker ---------3600 ------------------------ $10.27
best home loans ---------33,100 ------------------------ $8.12
home loan brokers ----------2900 ------------------------- $12.21
house loans ---------1.5Million ------------------------ $3.63

In the right hands ROI (return on investment) of this domain name will be in the thousands.So if you a are true domain investor or developer i am very sure you must be able to already perceive the value of this domain name without me even having to write this sales pitch.
Serious Buyers Only, .