Paying from 500 to 2k USD to domain parking accounts.
Our company Is Looking For Domain Parking Accounts in long-term, if you already have any one of them.

You can contact us. Below is the domain parking account which we are looking for:

www [dot] Hotkeys [dot] com (Pay from 1.5K to 2K USD each depends on FEED)

www [dot] DDC [dot] com (1K USD each)

www [dot] Trafficz [dot] com (500 USD each)

www [dot] firstlook [dot] com (500 USD each)

www [dot] Hitfarm [dot] com (500 USD each)

www [dot] Domainadvertising [dot] com (400 USD each)

www [dot] parked [dot] com (400 USD each)

Or if you don’t have then try creating account for us or asking people who has it.

This page will keep updating for more parking companies’ account which we are interested in.

For more details plz contact us (We keep online 16 hours daily).

Email: daihua2011 [AT] gmail [dot] com
AIM: support [AT] fitnessupgrade [dot] com

Thanks For Your Attention


Q:Why you buy the accounts at such a price?

A:We have a domain name register company and some advertising companies.We own more than 35k domains.

We will use the accounts to convert our domain traffic.And these companies are working best for our traffic.

But at the moment they don’t accept new registers all the time,maybe half a year once.

So for us the better way it’s to buy the accounts directly from people who are using or used their service before.

Q:I have other parking companies accounts,do you need it?

A:At the moment,NO.But we will interest in more parking companies in the future and will keep this page updating.

Q:How can i receive payment?

A:Paypal,Webmoney,Pecunix,Bank transfer,Western Union,ETC…

There are all kinds of online exchangers that we will have a solution.

If you are in US We can even do face to face transactions.