If you turn on your television and watch any news, financial or stock program, you’re bound to hear about the Fiscal Cliff the US is facing.

Both the President and the Speaker of the House held separate press conferences today on the Fiscal Cliff and President Obama just announced he will have another press conference next Wednesday on the Fiscal Cliff.

Believe it or not the domain FiscalCliff.com was just hand registered on April 25th of this year.

The domain is owned by a Kenneth Carey of Site Management Group Inc. and the domain is going to a page where you can learn more about the Fiscal Cliff

“America Heading Towards a Collapse Worse Than 2008 AND Europe! Says Peter Schiff”

With the deadline of December 31st just 52 days away expect this term to gain even more juice as we dead towards the deadline, especially if we fall off the cliff. (sorry, I just registered that domain a minute ago) the domain name FiscalCliff.com might just be the best hand registered domain in 2012.…