As a large domain portfolio owner I get lots of offers and lots of spam.

Most the spam I can get rid of by marking it Junk and all future emails that follow will go to the junk file.

I don’t take moving someone to Junk lightly as I expect once I place them in that folder they will have no further access to me and I to them.

So apart from obvious spam and phishing I don’t assume anything is Junk until it proves itself to be Junk.

One of the quickest ways to get on my Junk list is to send me offers, many offers and then not respond once I quote a price.* I usually will respond to offers from the same address 5 times but after that its clearly

But in a few cases I can’t get rid of the unwanted emails

In this case its the 20+ emails from* Simonas Balnys inquiring about one word .com that we own.

I responded with prices and never got a counter offer a drop dead, a your out of your mind and certainly not a deal

Why these offers continue to pour in I have no idea.

For the record Simonas email is

Mr Everett sends me several emails a week and has since at least June of 2012.

Never got a response and offer and certainly not a sale.

Mr. Everett email address is

Anyone else getting a crazy amount of emails from these guys.…