Verisign has just launched a new product called Verisign Domain Hashlink

Here is the info from their site:

“Verisign Domain Hashlink makes URLs shorter, easy-to-remember and friendlier to your users.”

“You’ve worked hard to secure a web address and keep its site content up-to-date, relevant and useful for its visitors. Now there’s a new way to help make it work even harder: by making things easier for everyone. And the best part is, it preserves and empowers your web address, which is really your unique brand and identity.”

“”Verisign Domain Hashlink is a vanity URL that lets you create shorter, more memorable URLs.

“”It’s designed to help users locate precise content on your website. It’s a brand new kind of website navigational tool. It’s also a handy shortcut to get someone exactly where you want them to be online: with a short, intuitive and easily remembered keyword or phrase preceded by a #, or hashtag symbol.

Verisign Domain Hashlink sends users quickly, easily and directly to a specific destination on your website.


By aiding them with a keyword that you simply add to your webpage address. That keyword could be a product, topic, trend, person, event whatever you choose. For instance, your web address plus #coupon would take users to a special page about a discount you are offering.

With Verisign Domain Hashlink, there’s no need for programming or development skills. You can pretty much create and manage your vanity URLs without the help of your IT staff. Set up new words on our secure site. Track keyword usage even get keyword suggestions to improve site traffic.

Plus, Verisign Domain Hashlink’s reporting tool integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics for consistent feedback.

“”Because forward slashes are so backward.
“Anyone who’s ever tried to create new or update existing URLs on their website knows:

“Anything with a forward slash requires IT help and additional programming, or at least someone tech-savvy. That all changes with Verisign Domain Hashlink. By using the # symbol in a shorter, friendlier URL, you can do nearly everything on your own.

‘Site owners, brands, bloggers and users alike are out there using hashtags already.

“But hashtags are not the sole domain of social posting sites. Now they can help out your URL, too.
“By streamlining the process of getting people from point A to B without a lot of effort or having to remember long and unwieldy URLs.