Gout.* Anyone had it before?* I know this is supposed to be about domains, but I just got over the first gout attack of my life, and it is some serious pain.* I had no idea that your toe could hurt like that.* More than once, I figured I would be better off removing the toe and moving on with life.* Most people think of gout as something for fat guys that eat a ton of meat.* I’m a vegetarian and I’m not that fat.* The signs were there before it happened.* My toe had been hurting just a little for a couple of weeks, and I think it was because I was over-imbibing and not hydrating myself enough each day.* Then one morning I wake up, and my toe hurts but not severely.* So I make the decision that I should just walk it off whatever it is, and I head out for a 5 mile walk.* That was a bad idea, and it felt much worse by the time I got back.* It eventually hit full on, and man did it hurt for several days.* The pain can’t be described, but it is compared to childbirth and kidney stones as far as severity goes.* I’m drinking a ton of water, and the pain is almost completely gone now.* I feel like I need to swing this around to domains somehow so if you ever feel your big toe start to hurt for no reason, take action immediately and seek*NextLevelCare.com*which happens to be on the list below.* Enjoy!

Other Names at Auction

CloudDevices.com* mobile app testing, storage, printers, etc…

Mellowed.com* nice edible’s brand

Lukewarm.com* 1997 name with 66 bidders, but I struggle to figure out what it could be used for

Godaddy Domains With Bids

zxex.com*A few 4L’s



SecurePass.com*Great name and 2nd most bids on the board

3k3.com*Over $3K and climbing

ExpertDoctors.com*Upgrade name for many practices

Leatherworker.com*If you work with leather or sell leather, this is a great fit

DataVille.com*Your data should live in dataville

ModernCountry.com*Great name here – I don’t listen to it, but it’s a huge thing

AutoExcellence.com*Another great upgrade name for lots of businesses

LightingLab.com*Pretty much locked down to selling lights, but it sounds cool

NextLevelCare.com*A good three word domain for the medical field

DirtyB.com*Make the B whatever you want

Godaddy Names With No Bids

TeqSource.com*I like the letter q for a ch/k sound, but many do not

DallasBoats.com*Sell boats in Dallas or sell it to someone who already does – quality geo names are not dead

StylishPig.com*I’m thinking a breakfast restaurant or an antique store

SeeOptic.com*See it?

SelfCommerce.com*Payment system for small businesses

MsFrugal.com*Coupon / Deal blog

InsideBright.com*Interior design

DiamondOcean.com*Open vessel for any ocean related business – just not drilling, Diamond Offshore already exists

MythicEnergy.com*Energy drinks and crystals

SketchCanvas.com*Sounds like an ipad app

IWalkFit.com*Shane runs – I walk. Both are better than sitting on your butt all day

BidEnd.com*Good name for a site to compete with namebio

XXXBoard.com*1998 name – back when porn was traded electronic bulletin baords and newsgroups

FriedShrimps.com*Awesome name without the s – ok name with the s

GorillaStraps.com*This is already a product sold on Amazon, but I can’t find a trademark for it

DataDecoders.com*Data recovery services

PlentyPet.com*Decent pet brand

InsideUpside.com*Not sure what to do with this one, but it’s just cool

Outkill.com*How is this not a first person shooter game already?

ClassyBridal.com*Bridal is big business

bholistic.com*If you don’t want to pay $672 for BeHolistic.com

WereOver.com*A site for breaking up

ScoutLead.com*Scout leads for companies – most are looking for some

PeacefulWay.com*It doesn’t seem to be in our DNA

AverageDesign.com*At least you are honest – people may appreciate that






















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