If you watched the Godaddy.Co Super Bowl Commercial you know that the star of the ad was the “Sky Waitress”.

Well it looks like the real Sky Waitress is quite the domainer.

No I don’t mean the actress that played the Sky Waitress in the Godaddy.co commercial , but the blogger and owner of the domain name SkyWaitress.com, a married and expecting mother to be by name of Abigail.

“I’m a 20-something flight attendant on furlough. I’m happily married to my best friend Joel and we live in the western suburbs of Chicago with our 6 pound papillon Phoebe”.

“Our latest adventure is expanding our family. Expecting our rainbow baby March 2013″ she write on her blog,

Not only does her company Good Humanoid own the domain name SkyWaitress.com it also owns the domain name SkyMommy.com which is actually the name of her blog as well as 45 other domain names according to Domaintools.com, including the domain name of her husbands blog, Daddysgrounded.com

The company also own the domain name of her company GoodHumanoid.com.

And before you ask, yes he company does own SkyWaitress.co, which she uses to direct to her Twitter.com page and her husband owns Daddysgrounded.co which he is directing to his blog at Daddysgrounded.com.…