This month 3 new television shows are airing all starting with the word “the”.

The Following, The Taste and The Job join a slew of other shows already on air all starting with the word “the”

Here is our current list of Television shows airing on major networks all starting with the word “the”

The View
The Talk
The Voice
The Taste
The Job
The Following
The Simpsons
TheVampire Diaries
TheX Factor
TheReal Housewives
The New Normal
The Middle

Included in the list are some of the most watched shows on television.

Readers of know that we are big fans of domains starting with the word “the” and have sold quite a few of these including,,, and get offers on one or more domains starting with the word “the” weekly.

There are two types of branding, branding you pay for by selecting a name that never existed before such as a Verizon or words that were not formerly used together,* or immediate branding, built by usage of the term in language and/or commerce which make names them immediately memorable since its a word or phrase or term people have heard even used before.

We think that domains beginning in the word “the” as long as its with a natural matching word or term are like great .me domains with a matching verb or call to action term like or

These domains are naturals.

Immediate brands.

These types of domains can save a company millions or tens of millions that they would otherwise have to spend to* in teaching the public the brand.

These types of domains don’t need to be taught to the public, the customers, the first time they hear it they will * remember, it because they will already know the brand.…