Tess Diaz, one of Go Daddy’s most tenured and trusted Executive Account Managers for the past 6 1/2 years, has accepted a new Coordinator of Business Development position with the Domain Name Brokerage Firm Media Options.

Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener said,

“I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to work even more closely with Tess. For the past 6 years Tess has been a critical advisor and assistant to our business in her role at Go Daddy as our Executive Account Manager, but now that we have her full time and attention, I look forward to the improvements and innovation she’ll bring to the team.”

“In her new role, Tess will be responsible for streamlining Media Options’ business systems and operations including client communication and outreach, as well as growing Media Options’ online business properties such as Spearfishing.com and DisabilityInsurance.org.”

“In addition, Tess will be focused on identifying strategic opportunities and partnerships in and outside of the domain industry for Media Options. Tess shared, “I’m delighted to join the Media Options team. Media Options is such a responsible and respected leader, particularly in increasing end-user perceptions on domain value via education and their own portfolio of online businesses. Together, our clients can expect to experience Media Options’ established results through our ongoing commitment to improving efficiency and effectiveness.”

“Media Options is based in Panama City, Panama and is a leader in premium domain name brokerage as well as discreet and professional domain acquisitions. ”

“Media Options is currently brokering for sale domain names including: Hunt.com, Marriage.com, *All.com, RadioStations.com, BlueSky.com, Grand.com, BF.com, IA.com LX.org and Journalists.com. ”