Last week an auction started for the domain name

The domain name that was in Pending Delete Status since January went into auction on Monday of last week, February 4th and immediately had a high bid of $5,265

Through, I placed what was then a high bid of $20,000 which was quickly exceed.

The last bid I saw on this domain was $22,000 and the auction was scheduled to end on February 7th at 3:15

Sometime between the 6th and 7th the domain name disappeared from the bidding screen.

I reached out to to see what happened to the domain auction, knowing that they were at Webfest I didn’t expect any answer until today but also didn’t expect the answer I got.

“”Dear Snapnames Customer,

Thank you for your interest in

We are sorry, but is no longer available.

The domain name is registered with MONIKER ONLINE SERVICES, INC., which is one of Snapnames Priority Partners.

This name entered our auction system by mistake, and we have had to cancel the auction because of this.
We understand that cancelling the auction at the last minute is very disappointing and we apologize for the inconvenience. We very much appreciate your business.

Best Regards,
Snapnames Support”"

Well as we all know is not just another partner but is owned by the same parent company.

Looking at I see that the domain name status went into Pending Delete on January 12th 2013:


Domain: glue.comWhois History Cache Date: 2013-01-12 Registrar: MONIKER ONLINE SERVICES, INC. Server: Created: 1995-11-25 Updated: 2013-01-11 Expires: 2013-12-31 Reverse Whois: Click on an email address we found in this whois record
to see which other domains the registrant is associated with: Domain Name: GLUE.COM Status: EXPIRED - PENDING DELETE Contact: <a href="" target="pending_delete">Renew Now</a> Today the domain name has the same whois history as it had prior to going into pending delete.

As we know once a domain name goes into pending delete the domain holder is not able without a court order to renew or otherwise stop the domain name from dropping.

Considering this is an unusually high valued domain to simply drop, and the domain name was with the largest registrar partner of and owned by the same parent company, if there was a mistake made by the registrar it should have been caught much earlier in the process and certainly before bidding was well underway.…