I got this email a few days ago from Register.com/NetworkSolutions

Its certainly by no means the first of these type of emails I get from registrars.com trying to get you to register domains, typically something close to another domain I have registered.

I have no idea how they pull their data, as we have very few domains with either and all caught on the drop, however lets just say that Register.com/NetworkSolutions.com and I have quite a different definition of a premium domain.

I don’t know what domain I even have that would make Register.com think I would want to register this premium domain they suggested for me:

PacificHighlandsPulishing.com, yet typo and all.

We don’t own PacificHighlandsPublishing.com (the correct version) but I’m not sure the owner of that domain which goes to billcloke.typepad.com would be less than thrilled to know its own registrar is suggesting to other customers that they register a typo version of his domain.

Anyway in this case Mr. Cloke has nothing to worry about with me but I think these registrars have some explaining to do